HEBRAIC HEALING . . . This growing season, the Most High had set in my spirit to grow lots of giant sunflowers. So, I planted some. I didn't mind; my oldest grandson loves sunflower seeds, and I find their flower blooms to be most beautiful. But what I didn't know (and just recently learned), sunflower... Continue Reading →


No Shortages Here! HEBRAIC HEALING . . . If you're old enough, you're probably already a wise Hebrew Mother and was blessed by being raised by one. And if you're young enough, I pray the sacred Hebrew wisdom is passed down to you from Mothers and Grandmothers in your family, or community. (Take hold of... Continue Reading →

The Creator’s Daughter

(Original Song "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice, 2002) (Instrumental to Accompany MyVersion. Compliments of THE KARAOKE CHANNEL/Youtube.com) THE CREATOR'S DAUGHTER (VERSE) And So It Is, Just Like HE (The Creator) Said It Would Be Babylon Is Falling . . . Right Before Our Eyes (VERSE) And So It Is, Her Lies, Her Stories No... Continue Reading →

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