Immersion. 10th Month. Humility.

There is a language to Pride and it starts with Ego: “I”. (I want, I think, I feel, taking no consideration for others, or the counsel of the Most High). It is that fine “Point in Life” where there is a separation between "YOU" (us) and the Most High.  It is that "ME" life ("MY" will... Continue Reading →


THE GREAT DECEPTION Swan Song: Soulless, Sealed and Delivered From the Stepford Wives to Swan Song, the soulless world is inundating us with a monotony of drugs, drones, clones, robots, sexbots, holograms, and robotic deities; assimilated communications, cells, trackers, all-seeing and hearing gadgets and devices; and now, “deepfaking the dead” seems to be Satan’s highest... Continue Reading →

Map Of The Human Heart

THE BEAUTY WAY . . . We have been given testimony by our ancient forefathers, the Patriarchs, to help us avoid the pitfalls of a life lived in sin. Their words were imparted to us on their death beds, and their testaments are most encouraging. Whatever you might be wrestling with in your flesh, there... Continue Reading →

The Power Is (Already) Yours!

"Man has RESPONSIBILITY, not POWER."TUSCARORA NATIVE PROVERB ACCORDING TO THIS TIME This is a shout-out to all my Sister Bo Peeps' and Brother Boy Blues'----What is your calling? What are you doing? And are you being responsible? In asking, I am addressing the leaders, the teachers, the seed planters, all those who live by example---which... Continue Reading →

HEY DIDDLE: A Prophetic Riddle

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon . . . During a recent eclipse back in time, I stepped outside into the wee, early morning hours under the starkness of a night-blue sky. It was crisp and clear, and beautifully daunting, as the Seven Stars danced around the Beaver Moon. The sun and the moon were... Continue Reading →

The Seven Stars

HIDDEN GEMS . . . There is a message written in the skies above, in a cluster of seven stars. This celestial body is a prominent site in the winter night sky---Look Up! He that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks . .... Continue Reading →

Immerse. 8th Month. Respect.

Just a little bit? Actually, when it comes to RESPECT, it is either given whole-heartedly, or it is not given at all. There is no "just a little bit" or "middle ground" or an "in between". The same way it is impossible to love or trust anyone any more than you love and trust yourself;... Continue Reading →

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