HEBRAIC HEALING . . . This growing season, the Most High had set in my spirit to grow lots of giant sunflowers. So, I planted some. I didn't mind; my oldest grandson loves sunflower seeds, and I find their flower blooms to be most beautiful. But what I didn't know (and just recently learned), sunflower... Continue Reading →


No Shortages Here! HEBRAIC HEALING . . . If you're old enough, you're probably already a wise Hebrew Mother and was blessed by being raised by one. And if you're young enough, I pray the sacred Hebrew wisdom is passed down to you from Mothers and Grandmothers in your family, or community. (Take hold of... Continue Reading →

Medicine Man Remedies For The Skin

HEBRAIC HEALING . . . THINK PURPLE Discovery of these simple Hebraic/Native American and old ways of cures can benefit our lives. Do not complicate the information. Seek the Creator and HIS guidance, and remember to sow the seeds with a clean heart. (As always, refer to the HEBRAIC HEALING category, foreword post: "Healing. Pure.... Continue Reading →

The Arsenal: SANICLE and UNA DE GATO

It has been said: "He who has SANICLE and self-heals needs no physician or surgeon." The Creator has provided us with pure herbs (plant food substances) to help cure us. There are many herbs on earth that attend to every physical problem. We are all unique and we have physical differences, but know there is... Continue Reading →

My Hebraic Healing

Deuteronomy 32:39 . . . See now that I, even I, am HE, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of MY hand. Hebraic Healing is not for the worldly clever or the faint at heart.... Continue Reading →

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