Meet ‘Mother’ Clove

When you think of the Herbal Kingdom that Yah has created for our health and benefit, you cannot deny the power and simplicity and beauty of all he has blessed us with. But, we are so good at complicating things, trying to improve on what has already been perfected. Sometimes, the most effective healing agent... Continue Reading →

Shabbat (Part II)

Sunrise . . . There is a joy of waking up to the sun rising and welcoming the day, its sacredness and holiness. Shabbat Shalom! We awaken to create a world of Godliness. Shemot (Exodus) 31:16-17 Judge not those of us who choose to honor Shabbat . . . for, one day the whole world... Continue Reading →

Shabbat (Part I)

FOREWORD My dearest sister, YvonYah, encouraged me to create this category (Living Spiritually) to share some of the expressions and rituals of my spirituality. May you find the information posted here to be a blessing, encouraging and an enhancement to your own walk. If I may, please allow me to share a brief overview of... Continue Reading →

The Book of Second Chances

There are not many things in life we get to do over. There is one sure thing we can only do once in our life, and that is doing anything for the first time. And then, there are some things that can only be done once, and that's it. Perhaps, that is why second chances... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me . . . Again . . .

The well sought after kiss . . . The kiss that says it all. Well for me, that kiss is still inside my head, or maybe I'm just not an easy swoon when it comes to romancing someone. When it comes to a romantic kiss, I can be far too practical and analytically inclined, you... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

A simple question . . . but undeniably powerful. And you are the only person in the world who can truly answer that question. Only you have the answer. You're not going to find it by peering at your passport or scrolling through pictures of yourself on a social media page. You're not going to... Continue Reading →

What's It All About, ABBA?

Life with all of its seasons and setbacks can really take us for a ride, have us spinning out of control and throwing-up on the inside. Living in this world of hatred, oppression, injustice, and deception--have you ever just raised your fists to the wind and cried out, "What's it all about, Abba?" Come now,... Continue Reading →

Take a Walk in Your Naked Feet!

This post for 'Living Holistically' touches on an area of the body where I was once most vulnerable and insecure--my feet. You see, I have big (no, let me rephrase that) huge toes, big feet. (I know, I know.) As a child and well into my youth, I barely noticed them. I was always outside... Continue Reading →

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