Immerse. 8th Month. Respect.

Just a little bit? Actually, when it comes to RESPECT, it is either given whole-heartedly, or it is not given at all. There is no "just a little bit" or "middle ground" or an "in between". The same way it is impossible to love or trust anyone any more than you love and trust yourself;... Continue Reading →

Immersion. 7th Month. Cleave.

To Whom Shall I Cling? Interestingly enough, the word "cleave" is the only word in the English dictionary that has an opposing meaning. If you look the word up, you will find it is defined as "to split, to divide, to sever, to splinter." And, if you look it up in biblical context, it means... Continue Reading →

Immersion. 6th Month. Compassion.

There is pain and lost being felt by so many individuals and families across this earth, right now. People are hurting. People are in pain. Children are suffering. There is much misfortune. Many women, children, and men are crying . . . dying, falling to our right and falling to our left. There is great... Continue Reading →

Immersion. 5th Month. Honesty.

BEFORE YOU SUBMERGE, BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF As I come into my 60th year in the land of the living, I have taken time to sit back and marvel, thanking my ABBA for a most glorious journey of growth, healing and true wealth (my time and my health). I am living my life with authenticity... Continue Reading →

Immersion. 4th Month. Appreciation.

MONTHLY MIKVAH: The true name of the Most High cannot be spoken, it can only be experienced, for there is no word on earth or understanding that can even capture or contain HIM in complete magnificence and holiness. HE has given us many names to express in worship and to confront every affliction of life... Continue Reading →

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