The Ancient Hebrew Marriage Rite (Part III: The Ketubah & The Get)

IT STARTS WITH HONESTY Perhaps you're married, or considering getting married. I have a question for you to pose to yourself: Why did I get married (specifically) to my Husband? Or, why do I want to marry (specifically) my Bridegroom? These are very good questions that deserve very honest answers (and no generalizations). We need... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Hebrew Marriage Rite (Part II: The Wedding Chamber)

We left off (in Part I) with the Bride and Bridegroom sharing the cup of wine (communion) and the Bridegroom showering the Bride with many gifts. This was the re-affirmation of their marriage covenant. In Hebrew, wine is a symbol of joy. Joy is neither brought on by material or financial gain. It has no... Continue Reading →

Shabbat (Part II)

Sunrise . . . There is a joy of waking up to the sun rising and welcoming the day, its sacredness and holiness. Shabbat Shalom! We awaken to create a world of Godliness. Shemot (Exodus) 31:16-17 Judge not those of us who choose to honor Shabbat . . . for, one day the whole world... Continue Reading →

Shabbat (Part I)

FOREWORD My dearest sister, YvonYah, encouraged me to create this category (Living Spiritually) to share some of the expressions and rituals of my spirituality. May you find the information posted here to be a blessing, encouraging and an enhancement to your own walk. If I may, please allow me to share a brief overview of... Continue Reading →

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