LIVING IN PROPHECY . . . "The End" has been declared from "The Beginning" (Isaiah 46:10). "The End?" you ask? It will be the end of evil and wickedness upon the earth (Nahum 1:3-7). If only we could have been like Nineveh, and repented. Behold, a new Era is dawning . . . REPENT! RETURN... Continue Reading →


LIVING IN PROPHECY PARABLE OF THE BLIND MEN AND THE ELEPHANT In the post ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (Part One), it was established who the elephant in the room actually is (the Israelites), and it introduced the "Two Sticks" (records, history, sacred texts of the Children of Israel, both houses) and shared the evidence of... Continue Reading →


LIVING IN PROPHECY . . . And it is YOU, O' House of Israel! (It has been about you all of this time!) An "Elephant In the Room" effect is a "major problem" or "controversial issue" that is obviously present but avoided as a subject for "discussion" because it is more comfortable to do so.... Continue Reading →

What About Your Friends?

TAKE HEED OF YOUR FRIENDS . . . The Third Testament 39:42 How much the chosen of this time shall have to pray and keep vigilant to not fall into temptation; even so I tell you truly, that among the 144,000 . . . there shall be traitors. Apocrypha/Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 6 Instead of a friend,... Continue Reading →

HEY DIDDLE: A Prophetic Riddle

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon . . . During a recent eclipse back in time, I stepped outside into the wee, early morning hours under the starkness of a night-blue sky. It was crisp and clear, and beautifully daunting, as the Seven Stars danced around the Beaver Moon. The sun and the moon were... Continue Reading →

The Seven Stars

LIVING IN PROPHECY . . . There is a message written in the skies above, in a cluster of seven stars. This celestial body is a prominent site in the winter night sky---Look Up! He that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks .... Continue Reading →

Once In A Blue Moon

The world has lost it's youth and the times begin to wax old. (2 ESDRAS 14:10) Welcome to your once in a "Blue Moon" moment. This time you have been given in the land of the living, this is your (God-given) grace. Use it well. It should be no surprise to you, Lucifer is the... Continue Reading →

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