Knocking Out Mineral Deficiency

BAM! BLIX! KAPOW! In an earlier post, I talked about how food is our medicine---but it comes with a one-two-punch: We need to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals. Minerals are "The Currency of Life", and major amounts, as well as traces of minerals, can be found in the mixture of plants, animal tissue,... Continue Reading →

The Killer Cook

There is a definite and undeniable healing power in food. I strongly believe, food is our medicine. If we eat the wrong foods, taking medicine won't do us any good; and, if we eat the proper foods, we will have no need for medicine. Simply put, every time we eat, we are either healing ourselves... Continue Reading →

Meet ‘Mother’ Clove

When you think of the Herbal Kingdom that Yah has created for our health and benefit, you cannot deny the power and simplicity and beauty of all he has blessed us with. But, we are so good at complicating things, trying to improve on what has already been perfected. Sometimes, the most effective healing agent... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me . . . Again . . .

The well sought after kiss . . . The kiss that says it all. Well for me, that kiss is still inside my head, or maybe I'm just not an easy swoon when it comes to romancing someone. When it comes to a romantic kiss, I can be far too practical and analytically inclined, you... Continue Reading →

Take a Walk in Your Naked Feet!

This post for 'Living Holistically' touches on an area of the body where I was once most vulnerable and insecure--my feet. You see, I have big (no, let me rephrase that) huge toes, big feet. (I know, I know.) As a child and well into my youth, I barely noticed them. I was always outside... Continue Reading →

Discovering Bach (The Bach Flower Remedies)

There is a spiritual essence to flowers that speaks to our emotional needs. Their aesthetics and fragrance are a wonderful gift to humanity. 'Stop and smell the roses' is not just an empty expression. Flowers are actually embedded with healing properties. Just seeing them can greatly affect our thoughts, and our thoughts are powerful. Our... Continue Reading →

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