TrueBeauty.Life was created to give inspiration to all women living throughout the four corners of the earth, and to encourage us to give the great gift of love and kindness to ourselves and to others. Through The Writings (Tanakh/Brit Chadasha), Sacred-Texts and ancient Hebraic, Afro-Asiatic wisdom, together we will discover beauty principles and learn to live them out daily, as we each grow into becoming our most ‘authentic self’. I invite you to join us in this journey!

The Unrelenting Quest for Beauty

As a whole, we women represent many nations under the sun. Individually, we come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. Each of us is extraordinary and distinctly unique. We are all our own soil. We each have the power to define and embrace our own beauty, for beauty is more than just a pretty face—the world is a swinging door of pretty faces. True beauty comes from within, shining forth from a deep well inside the heart of every woman.

Beauty is Shared through our Differences

Has it not been a toil sifting through the soil of ourselves, trying to fit into someone else’s ideal or objective? Yet, in many ways we women are so very much alike: we share the same insecurities, vulnerabilities, and perceptions of ‘self’. We wrestle with the same demons and fears, and we are up against many of the same challenges in life. We all have a choice, no matter how slight it may be, to be beautiful . . . it begins with our thoughts. Like the deep and dark beginnings of a lotus flower, we must cultivate ourselves and rise to the awareness of our very own loveliness.

The Journey of Love

The path is set before us to experience growth and transformation. We learn from each other. Every woman has the power to share and gift-back, no matter her background, or experiences. Gifting back is like a golden thread that links all of creation, and sharing with others in this “Journey of Love” is a contribution I have built my life around.

Welcome! May you find honesty, beauty, laughter, and all the little extras to help you live an authentic and purposeful life. May this site be a blessing to all who seek.

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