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WELCOME TO TrueBeauty.Life!

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I am in my old age wandering along a Trail of Beauty . . .

My father taught me the Power of the Pen and my mother taught me the Beauty of Presentation. An upbringing of world travel, living abroad, and experiencing diverse cultures deeply influenced my love for literature, music, and the arts. While my passion for poetry performance is definitely a consequence of my astir imagination, being able to just write and share my experiences with others is a contribution I have built my life around.

Every woman has the power to share her story and gift-back to others, no matter her background, or experiences. A woman is like a sacred circle that through generations, circles back around. She is the “nakedness” of her husband, the “glue” of her family, and the “water that binds.” In her, as in our Eternal Mothers, can the beauty be found.

Gifting knowledge is like a golden thread that weaves its way into all of creation, binding us together in a tapestry of Truth and Sisterhood. (Photo by Evie Shaffer)

TrueBeauty.Life is a journey of living life The Beauty Way. It is a continuum as I learn and grow. (I am honored to share it with you.) Each day, I strive to be a better me than I was the day before, and every day, at my very best, I hope you will find honesty, beauty, love, laughter, and all the little extras to help you grow in your walk, that you may live an authentic and purposeful life.

I welcome you and all of the Most High’s Divine Seekers and Divine Readers. May you unite your lev, your heart, with HaMashiach and may you keep the Commandments of our Creator. READ and SHARE the posts, FOLLOW HaMashiach and LIKE (LOVE!) our Creator. And may “Mama” Ruach HaQadash quicken your spirit to visit this site as often as you are led, and may she guide you in all truth and understanding.

TrueBeauty.Life presents posts in five different categories: THE BEAUTY WAY keeps sisters on path and in the light; MONTHLY MIKVAH dives a little deeper each month by challenging us to search our hearts and our thoughts; HEBRAIC HEALING shares natural and holistic wonders; HIDDEN GEMS are posts which address random subjects usually relating to our covenant relationship with the Most High; and, OF MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS is a refreshing and lively new category that uplifts the Sisterhood, unto the four corners of the earth.

All categories can be enjoyed randomly in a stream of posts on the homepage, HOME STREAM, and the “pinned post” DAILY PRAYER, DIVINE SEEKERS, EARTH NEWS, AND UPDATES is a resource page to enhance and accentuate your personal walk with the Creator.

Welcome to The Beauty Way of living! Thank you for visiting and may this site be a blessing to all who seek.

Until Soon!


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TrueBeauty.Life has no affiliation with any other Social Medium that bears a likeness in name. “TrueBeauty.Life is Exclusively by Tanna for the Glory of the Most High!”


Today I will walk in Beauty

Today everything evil will leave me

I will be as I was before, In my First Estate

I will unite my heart with HaMashiach, for He lives in me

Ruach HaQadash, she will guide me

And, I will have the joy of my Creator, the Most High, forever!

Whom Shall I Fear?

Nothing will hinder me

I walk with beauty before me, I walk with beauty behind me

I walk with beauty below me, I walk with beauty above me

I walk with beauty around me

My words will be beautiful . . .

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