CHIA-CHIA Power! And Other “SUPER-NATURAL” Seeds For Your Diet

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CHIA-CHIA POWER! Food of the Israelites! (Ancient Mayans, Aztecs & Incans)

Before I dive in, did you get the scoop on Sunflower Seeds in the “A Food For Famine” post? (Aren’t sunflower seeds just amazing!) There are four other seeds that I work into my diet throughout each week, along with blackberries (vitamins C, K, and Manganese), blueberries (great for the skin and tops for antioxidants), and raspberries (anti-aging, and helps to protect from cancer) . . .

CHIA SEEDS. (By the way, “chia” means “strength” in Mayan.) Besides using chia seeds as an egg substitute (1 tbl of Chia Seeds to 1.5 tbls of water), Chia Seeds naturally lower cholesterol. (That’s why I take it!) Protein packed and full of fiber, Chia Seeds are full of other benefits, so make sure you do your research!

FLAX SEEDS. I started taking flaxseed oil capsules when I was first diagnosed with cancer. The second time around, I bypassed the capsules and went straight to the seed, using the mill in my cereals and breads. Flaxseed helps reduce cancer risk. I know it has made a positive difference in my life. (I can feel it work in my body.) It is also said to help lower high blood pressure, and that’s another powerful reason I keep it heavy in my diet.

Photo by Nathan Cowley

PUMPKIN SEEDS. Aside for being good for bladder and prostrate health, Pumpkin Seeds are optimum in fighting parasites in the body, making them great for impeding cancer. (In your research, you will find Pumpkin Seeds are great for killing worms and parasites in dogs, as well.)

PAPAYA SEEDS. Papaya Seeds do a body good. Years back, when I had a parasitical infection, I researched and found an awesome article on a study done in Nigeria (2007) with children suffering from parasites. However, today this finding has been heavily questioned, and is even being refuted (by a “Dr. Ross”), or debunked, for whatever reason. (Do your research. Evidently, recently it became a fad on Tik Tok.)

(While the original study is difficult to locate on-line these days, this article might interest you, as a reference:

All I know is (for me) it worked wonders. I started adding papaya fruit along with 10 of its black seeds to my diet (usually making a smoothie) and I know I received the benefits I was looking for. Of course, if not for parasites (since there’s apparently “no proof”), it can be used for so much more! It has done wonders for my digestive system. (Also good for stomach ulcers!)

I’m just saying. I used it for a natural remedy to clear up a parasitical infection, in lieu of a prescribed medicine from my physician. By the way, I also had a bacterial infection at the same time (from the waste build-up of the parasites) and I took oregano oil/extract for that (again, in lieu of the prescription drug my physician assigned). Let’s just say, I never had to take the drugs prescribed AND I got rid of the problem. So, papaya smoothies have become a summer favorite of mine—and they taste so good!

Photo by Andres Ayrton

Have fun creating your own recipes for smoothies and the like. (Just last week I made a blueberry-banana bread (from scratch, of course), adding chia seeds and flaxseed mil to the recipe, and then (after pouring the batter into a baking dish) I loaded the top with sunflower seeds, just before baking. The finished product was so delicious, and it had such a nice toasty crunch!

I hope you enjoy getting all of these good seeds into your body, and experience all the bountiful benefits you can reap! Here’s to tasty seeds and nutrition!

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by ZIu2019s Food&NatureArt)

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