Lymphatically Speaking (Healing Your Lymphatic System)

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The lymphatic system is a part of our immune system, and it helps protect us from infection and disease. All the waste that our cells make is removed through our Lymph Nodes. Lymph is the fluid that passes through the lymph vessels. There is a network of vessels lined throughout most of the body, and the nodes can be found around the neck/cervical area, armpits, elbows, chest, abdomen, groin, and knees.

How the lymphatic system works, according to Macmillian Cancer Support site: “The lymph fluid carries the waste products and destroyed bacteria back into the bloodstream. The liver or kidneys then remove these from the blood. The body passes them out with other body waste, through bowel movements (poo) or urine (pee).”

When your lymphatic system is blocked, backed up, or just not flowing properly, your nodes can feel tender and swollen, like tiny balloons filled with water, dirty water, that is. It also can be terribly painful. Furthermore, cancer cells can sometimes spread from their primary site to another part of the body by travelling this system, and they can get caught up in a node, causing a cancerous tumor.

If you are familiar with my personal story (My Hebraic Healing), or have had issues with your own lymphatic system, you will understand the importance of this post. (To date, I just recently dodged a “CLL” diagnosis, to top things off.) So, I wanted to share with you how I keep my lymph nodes flowing, and clean and clear as a whistle.

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You know how I love to keep health simple. So, I am giving you the four sure-fire, go-to, foods/herbs that are my foundation for eating for the strength and vitality of my lymphatic system. (Research to build on this foundation. The more foods you find, it’s always a plus!)

  • GINGER, GINGER, GINGER—can’t stress this enough! Fresh and raw, powdered, or in tincture or tea (with turmeric), and even love ginger candy! The important thing is to get it in your body, often.
  • TURMERIC Along with ginger, together they are powerful against inflammation in the body. Turmeric here, turmeric there, I douse the powder everywhere by the heaping (literally) in cooking and in my teas. (And you’ve probably already read, I brush my teeth with it, too!)
  • SEAWEED/KELP Seaweed (and rice) was always a healthy part of my diet growing up in the Philippines, but of course, coming to America put me on a slight detour in eating. Seaweed (rolls, sprinkles), roasted, or in a salad, and a dose of kelp tincture is all the kick I need to get the full force of vitamins and mineral-packed algae.
  • GARLIC—can’t get enough! Too many ways to enjoy this powerful herb. It is equally great for your heart and your blood system.


Photo by Karolina Grabowsk

I also use the following product:

Nature’s Sunshine Lymphatic Drainage. “It contains nutrients to aid the proper dispersion of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system helps keep the body healthy by removing waste from cellular metabolism. Nature’s Sunshine Lymphatic Drainage aids this process for a better well-being. Lymphatic Drainage contains cleavers, red clover, stillingia root, and prickly ash bark.” (Nature’

(STOCK NUMBER: 3171-7)

(My regimen: To start, 7 Drops in 2 Ounces of Water Every Morning for 3 Days. Then Daily, 3 Drops in water.)


Photo by Any Lane

Broccoli! Spinach! Avocados! Rose Hip Tea! Lemons and limes! And then, I love to down a couple of Vitamin C gummies to supplement my diet.

As stated by

(VITAMIN C) Supports Your Lymphocytes. It also benefits your lymphatic system because of its effect on lymphocytes, one of the types of cells abundant in your lymph nodes. These cells — a type of white blood cell — produce proteins, called antibodies, that bind to foreign particles and target them for destruction.

(I copied the lingo directly from that site.) You can copy and paste the html link above to research deeper into the wonderful benefits of Vitamin C. Otherwise, you should have a pretty good foundation to jump start your own journey to developing a heathier lymphatic system.

May you keep your lymph vessels strong and keep those toxins draining!

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by RODNAE Productions)

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