The Beauty Of Obedience (To The Most High)



The other day I was at a bookstore because I had gotten this wonderful idea to buy a couple of books to raffle off at an event I was going to be overseeing. There were four books that spoke to me. Two of them I was sure of, and the third one was questionable, but after picking it up and putting it back down a couple of times, I just knew I had to get it. (I knew in my spirit it would find its place into the right hands.)

Now, the fourth book also quickened my spirit. The Most High had brought it to mind with a loving thought to share with my youngest son and his wife, but other than that, it really didn’t have anything to do with why I was at the bookstore in the first place. Still, it would have been nothing for me to just go ahead and buy it, but I second-guessed myself and brushed it off as a definite “No—not right now.”

So, I left the store with the three books in tote, while the fourth one continued to weigh heavily on my mind. I knew it was the spirit tugging at me (Tanna, you need to get that book!), but I didn’t trust her, and figured (when driving away from the store), Okay, maybe I’ll do it, but I’ll do it another time. (Another time? Dangerous thinking. I should have known better, but I thought I knew best.)

I mean, I know the voice of my ABBA. I know how HE walks with me and talks with me. I know how “Mama” Ruach, the holy spirit guides me and gives unction to my soul. And I know what HaMashiach would have done. He would have been obedient to the spirit, to every word, allowing the Most High to direct His steps. He would have just bought the fourth book when He was told to, the first time. (BUT! Remember, I had a plan, and that fourth book, however endearing, just wasn’t a part of it!)

Now, I know you must see it—that self-serving attitude, my EGO. It is that ugly attitude when we can’t see or get past ourselves. We block our blessings and block ourselves from being a blessing to others. I was NOT being obedient to the holy spirit. And who I am I to think I can just brush aside or put off what I deem to be (or not to be) important enough and call the shots the way I see it, being obedient only to the point when it fits into MY plans? (Ugh.)



When we are not obedient to the spirit, we are not prepared to do the work the Most High has planned for us to do. (And we have no idea of ALL the beauty HE has planned!) Oh yeah, we might think we have it all together, and we might think we know, or have an inkling of what HE will do, as we are inspired—BUT! HIS ways are not our ways! HIS thoughts are above ours! We have NO understanding! We can’t even imagine! And I promise you, it will be an opportunity missed if you are not obedient, even in the little things.

“For MY thoughts are not your thoughts,

Nor are your ways MY ways,” says the Most High.

 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

So are MY ways higher than your ways,

And MY thoughts than your thoughts.”

ISAIAH 55:8-9

Of course, I proceeded to do things my way. I thought it was the best idea ever, and surely the Most High was a part of it and would bring it to fruition, just the way I had planned (hahaha). I got all creative with my plans. I also ran into a few complications, nothing serious; but it was enough to realize the weeks were flying by and I was running out of time. Nothing was finished. My plan would not materialize.

AND THEN, my youngest son stopped by one evening to tell me some wonderful news that left me happily speechless and insanely dumbfounded, all at the same time—

“You’re kidding me?!” I gasped. (I heard the Most High laughing.) I love it when HE laughs at me and I end up laughing along with HIM. It is soooo Beautiful!

Immediately, I had one of those ah-ha! moments. (I knew I should have bought that book!) The news had everything to do with that fourth book—and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! What perfected timing! YAH is so on point! HE was out here working miracles and I had gotten in the way—or better said, I was not in the way that HE needed me to be for this moment. (I didn’t have the book.) I was not prepared to do what HE needed me to do.

I was not equipped to fulfill HIS purpose, HIS plan, because I did not obey and yield to the spirit. I had missed the opportunity to put a blessing into my son’s hands. In hindsight, I began to see past myself. I began to see the bigger picture and what the Creator had purposed for that very moment. (HE is so MIRACULOUS!!)

Sigh . . . A Missed Opportunity

Immediately, I repented and bared my heart before my ABBA, and then I shared the whole story of “the fourth book” with my son.

“Wow, that’s so wild that you saw that! Yeah, we could really use that book,” he exclaimed. With that, I was even more determined and encouraged to get God’s work done. The Most High is most gracious and merciful, and I promised my son I would pick up the book as soon I could get back to that store. (Did It! Got It! Done! —hahaha.)

As for the other three books . . . well, the opportunity for a raffle never found its way into the event. BUT! Miraculously, the questionable book found its way into the hands of a deserving pair, the ones the Most High had purposed. I had been obedient in this small thing, so when the moment arose. I was aware, spiritually in tune, and (most importantly) prepared.

It wasn’t until after the event, and I was in the parking lot walking towards my car, carrying the last two books in my arms, figuring I’d just take them home with me, when “Mama” Ruach quickened my spirit a second time . . . and this time I immediately heard, and obeyed!

There was a mother-daughter pair who had actually attended the gala and were lingering with a few other guests in the parking lot, preparing to get into their cars and go home. I walked up to them (the Most High directing my steps) and simply asked if they would like two books and told them briefly about the specifics of each.

The mother immediately remarked how she had been looking for a book on that particular subject, and the daughter added how the other title would be a blessing because it was something she had wanted to learn about, and it could help her make a positive change.

(Wow. It is so beautiful to be used by the Most High to bless others and to witness HIS timing and perfection! There is NOTHING like it! Once we get ourselves out of the way, and in HIS purpose, obedience becomes almost effortless, and wonderfully amazing!) In the end, HIS plan was accomplished.


One of the things I have been concentrating on in my walk—my Walk in Love, my Walk of Obedience—is to be persistent in doing good. In this, I must be obedient. This requires me to listen, intently, and to hear and discern, to know the voice of my Creator, and to be ready to obey, even when I don’t understand. It requires trust. It requires action. It requires me to do the will of my ABBA at any moment and at every turn.

I’ve always looked at the Beauty of Obedience as being like a scroll of sorts. Our lives are like a tight scroll that the Creator unrolls, little by little. HE shows us just enough, and when we have been obedient in what HE has shown us, HE unrolls the scroll just a little bit more to reveal a little bit more. And as we continue in obedience, HE reveals a little bit more, and so on, and so on.

We never get the full picture, the greater understanding, until we look back over all that has been revealed and see how it is all connected in our lives. It becomes our story, with meaning, and it is only then that we truly understand what the Most High has purposed to be. Only then can we appreciate the beauty and the importance of what it means to be obedient to the spirit and HIS word.

Keep living family, a life of obedience! And may your scroll unroll!

Until Soon!

(All Photos by Cottonbro)

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