This growing season, the Most High had set in my spirit to grow lots of giant sunflowers. So, I planted some. I didn’t mind; my oldest grandson loves sunflower seeds, and I find their flower blooms to be most beautiful. But what I didn’t know (and just recently learned), sunflower seeds are considered a prized food for famine. Wow—that’s hearty AND beautiful!

Just learning this simple truth has encouraged me to plant more sunflower seeds in every nook and cranny of my yard that can soak up direct sunlight. Here’s the rundown on the facts:

  • Sunflower seeds are a great source of Vitamin D! (We NEED our D!)
  • Its protein content is higher than what can be found in meat, eggs, and cheese.
  • Its high mineral content is tops for excellent bones and teeth. Sunflower seeds contain a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, silicon, fluorine, and phosphorus.
  • Sunflowers contain all the essential nutrients for life. So, in a case of famine, you can survive on them alone for very long time. (Stock up!)

As for me, I’m growing much and buying lots. And I won’t be too enamored to keep the birds away during this year’s harvest, when I lay the flower heads out to dry. Ahhh, the glorious birds. I love watching them.

Photo by Pixabay

Unfortunately, last year (while I was visiting over my daughter’s house and waiting for her return), my bird watching antics got the best of me. I watched a whole afternoon as beautiful birds flew into her yard and flew away—I even took a video and sent it to her, until she brought to my attention that they were devouring all of her lovely blueberries—!!! (“You didn’t try to shoo them away!?” she asked, bewildered.)

By the time I took notice, they had eaten her blueberry bushes, clean to the stem. I was so embarrassed. I cry and laugh about this with her often, as we survey each other’s gardens. Today, I look upon her fruitful bearings, weighed down with wonderfully growing possibilities, and I laugh to myself.

Her blueberry patch is now expertly netted to ward off prying claws and pesty beaks. It is a new growing season, and this year her bushels are sure to be guarded and full, without the need or help from her silly mom—Thank You YAH! (Hahaha!)

I imagine I will have to invest in some of that netting for my garden, too. Hmmm . . . I think I’ll plant some more sunflower seeds while I’m at it.

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Pixabay)

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