Mission Possible, 2022

And so it is . . . Just as HE said it would be . . . HIS prophecy unyielding . . . in these Last Times . . .

To the Isles of Israel . . . HE Sends Me

THE BEAUTY WAY . . . I had been waiting patiently, though sometimes anxiously . . . for I knew it would come . . . HIS voice, my ABBA’s voice, the Creator. HIS voice always comes to me when the work is done, releasing me from my assignment of the given time. On to the next . . .

I spent the first month of this New Year in reflection of last year, but actually last year was a merging of three years into one. There was not much to separate the memories. They were a convulsion of sickness, rumors of war, and world confusion (still going on—although the rumors are rumors no more). Today, war is a stark reality for all of us.

However, some of my lessons learned are clear and distinct from all that noise:

  • Free Agency. Every human on this earth has the right to live and believe as they choose. The Most High doesn’t force any man to follow him. Getting to the depth of this truth was so freeing for me. It helped me not to just love greater, still, but it also removed this thought that I had to influence or convince another being—to make them see truth as I see it. This lesson has increased my respect and tolerance for my “neighbor” whoever they might be. (To Free! To Free!)
  • The Higher Law and the Lower Law. A deeper understanding of the Creator’s Plan (as opposed to Satan’s Plan), HIS blessings, and truly living for the Most High 7 Days a week, I am operating in these truths and yielding much fruit. The true realization of the Fruits of the Spirit and is not just hearing about it, but LIVING HIS word, day in, day out.
  • Understanding the Wiles of HaShatan. When I truly grasped this understanding, that HaShatan can only take advantage of my ignorance, wowww, my adventures to gain truth and knowledge are more-better (if there ever is such a word) and versed, every day of the week. I am learning to weed out life’s distractions (and all the little pebbles, the stumbling blocks) which is nothing more than HaShatan keeping me from my purpose. (Satan is the master of distraction.)
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

Still, HIS (The Creator’s) words can pierce like a dagger at the first strike, the moment I hear them (if I am not prepared). Like a wind-bending, air-rowing spear, released expertly from its bow. The words are always exact and clear: The assignment is done. The work here is over. It is time to move on. Thankfully, I was prepared and ready, looking for something more. I have out-grown my surroundings. Things were becoming repetitive. Yes, it is time to move on.

Yet, immediately, I reflect, hoping, praying I accomplished all HE set out for me to do. “Well done,” I imagine I might hear, whilst in the same moment wondering, “What’s next?” For, growth always requires change.

I gather the seeds of my perennial thoughts. (Those that are annual are grounded and already deep rooted inside of me.) I must be sure I have all the things (the good ground, the water, the light) to keep growing in truth. And yes, the tools to weed (often!) to catch all those things that might have escaped me and have can grown like tares. (I remove those, too.)

Photo by Elina Sazonova

My missions have taken me out of the world, out of the churches and the synagogues, and now, out of the “house” into the Isles. Ahhh, the Isles . . . I am looking forward to the clean slate, a clean page where I can bring forth all HE has instilled in me up unto this day (each after), and with an open heart, be directed and guided, to begin anew, once again.

I look forward to carrying-through in this new mission with diligence, until HIS words reach out and move me to another place, another time. Here I grow . . .

Thank you for joining me on this journey. And thank you to all the teachers and leaders HE has put in my path.

Until Soon!

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