Got A Hammer? Got A Bell?


Well, I’ve got a song to sing all over this land (and world). It is a Song of JUSTICE. It is a Song of FREEDOM. And it is a Song of the LOVE between my brothers and my sisters, all (ALL, ALL, ALL!) over this land. (Glory to the Most High!)

When I was a little girl, I used to love singing this song, along with a trio of others from my folk-life memories (Hahaha). But it is not until today (this very morning) that the meaning of its words and the rhapsody of its melody truly rings in the depths of my heart.

The song actually came to me last night while I was sleeping, and I sang myself to wake with utmost praise and thanks to the Creator, blessing HIS heavenly name. (AHAYAH!!!)

I thanked HIM for our Last Prophet, the Saints, and all the gentiles who have adjoined themselves to the House of Israel, and for all those who are working (seven days a week!) to awaken the children of men (our brothers and sisters), all over this world.

Photo by Kindel Media

If you are old enough, you’ve probably already got the song swooning in your head (Hahaha). Now you can truly believe in the words you are singing. So, without further ado, grab your hammer, ring that bell, and sing along with me!

The Last Prophet is hammering out DANGER! (He who can hear, let him hear!) The Last Prophet is hammering out A WARNING! (May you heed his words.) He is hammering in LOVE—for YOU! to love your brothers and your sisters, all over this land (and world)!

May this song encourage you as you put forth to work in the vineyard. Sing it in the morning . . . Sing it in the evening . . .

THE HAMMER SONG . . . Sam Cooke

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Matheus Natan)

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