From Russia With Love



Could they be coming soon to a city near you?

Hearken ALL Nations of the earth. Prepare yourself for the Great and Dreadful Day of the Most High! The elements are already showing their resentment of man upon the earth. Our bonds of brotherhood and friendship have been broken. People are wicked with hate and foaming at the mouths with racism, speaking evil things, as if it is a natural thing do and way to be. The world is out of order!

We walk upon this earth as destroyed beings. We have destroyed the earth (it is only a shadow of what it used to be), and we are destroying one another. We look upon one another with carnal eyes, seeing nothing but skin colors and enemies. Our hearts are far from our Creator as we go around so callus, pridefully toting our religions of damnation.

But soon, it is not going to matter who you hate, who you despise, who you can’t stand . . . and if you choose to remain in such wickedness, well, prepare to drink from the bitter cup. The arrow has gone forth, it has been shot, and it will accomplish all the Most High has adjudged. HIS word will not return void.


Remember 2/22/22? The last time Pluto appeared over the earth, in the Heavens, the Roman Empire (the 7th Kingdom) fell (because of its sin). That was September 4, 476 CE. Rome and America have the same history, for America came forth out of “the wound” of Rome, rising out of the Great European Empire. If you want an idea of how America will fall, study the Roman Empire.

America is the 8th Kingdom in prophecy. America is in decline, and it will fall; the seat of the beast (its government) will be destroyed because of its wickedness and false prophets (organized religion). Which brings us to where we are today, brother fighting brother, and as prophesized, the nations are turning upon themselves. (Just in time for the 5-Month War.)

And, America, with all of its dripping hypocrisy (her cup runneth over), has become quite laughable in the eyes of the other nations (and even our own), as it tries to lead NATO, and carry a misguided torch, and act as a moral compass for (what was that, again?) —Oh yes, things we ourselves have never honored or practiced as a nation.

Of course, HaShatan is the master of distraction, and God forbid, I pray he does not have you being just that, distracted and thinking about things that, until soon, will not even matter.


There is a clock in the Heavens, and the elements are just waiting for their appointed time to unleash. Surely, you have taken notice of the fiery volcanoes, the waves and the rising waters, the winds, the lightning and thunder, taking rage—they are calling out—screaming—to the sleeping nations to REPENT! (Third Testament 55:54-56)

Many more calamities await. Many creatures upon the lands and in the seas will lose their lives. Divine Punishment is upon us. HIS (the Creator’s) wrath is what WE have brought upon ourselves, and it will be carried out by our very own hands and devices, thanks to HaShatan’s influence in Science and Technology.

If you are still, yet, breathing, DO NOT procrastinate your day of repentance. (Your procrastination WILL be the death of you.)

“An aggressor should know that vengeance is inevitable, that he will be annihilated . . . They will not even have time to repent . . . ”

Vladimir Putin’s Favorite Quote

It is written in the sacred texts, The fear of man bringeth a snare. May you put your trust in the Most High and be safe!

Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Most High.


What was that? Did you say a comet is headed this way? “LOOK UP!

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Pixabay)

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