Running With The Wolves (Among Us)


A Word Of Encouragement:

There are wolves. There are wolves among us. And that is okay. It has to be. If you are like me, you have learned to do what you are called to do, in spite of them all. It is not always fun. This walk is a battle. (Run!)

If you truly know who you are, and you are a Child of the Light, you have nothing to hide. Follow in the steps of HaMashiach. And keep it moving—SHINE ON!

Wolves lurk in darkness. Stay in the light. They will try to block it, hack it, catfish it, mis-represent it, and follow you around. They will virtually impersonate, falsely associate, and stop at almost nothing to deter others from taking hold of the truth you have to share. They will amply try to destroy you, any way they can. (Many will fall into their traps.)

Photo by Liza Summer

Once you take yourself out of the picture, you will realize it is not “you/me” they are after: Darkness has always wanted to shine. It is not about us. We ALL have a mission, they just work for the other side. Keep the faith and be strong.

Be about your Father’s business. Don’t get cowered into the dark. Work out your salvation daily, with trembling and reverence. You will be hated. (You know, I know. Can’t say it enough). But, I share these words because I need to hear them, too. That is why I write.

This walk is a battle. I plan to win. And, I shall be strong . . .


Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Ron Lach)

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