In the post ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (Part One), it was established who the elephant in the room actually is (the Israelites), and it introduced the “Two Sticks” (records, history, sacred texts of the Children of Israel, both houses) and shared the evidence of prophecy in fulfillment (Ezekiel 37).

The sacred texts have been given back into the hands of the Israelites (2019) and our records now stand together as one. In the way of Hebrew tradition, they bear witness, one to another. However, not all Israel understands, but the Elect have obtained it, and bear witness unto the world.

In this post, ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM (Part Two), prayerfully, you will get a deepened understanding of who the “blind men (or monks)” are, and what their representation of the “elephant” has been, and how they have erred. (I have embedded a version of the parable from India, below:)


When the Israelite Nation fell and was chastened and rejected, for a time (Romans Chapter 11), their records, writings, (sacred texts) fell into the hands of the Gentiles. The Gentiles could not read, interpret, or understand our records, for, the mindset of these works were all of Hebrew origin.

In short, the Gentiles were given understanding (by translation) and then the Israelites were “removed” from the congregations, and as the “heathen” would have it, “off the face of the earth” (death/genocide). It has been a long sought-out quest of the wicked, even unto this day. (Mind you, wickedness exists in ALL nations of the earth.)

Out of jealousy, envy, and pride, the Gentiles took the records of the Hebrew Israelites for their own profit. Think on the ancient, Biblical Maccabean revolt to the latter day Dum Diversas/Romanus Pontifex/Inter Caetera Papal Bulls (which the Israelites are considered Prisoners of War, even unto this day). The “Abominable Church” has justified (in the name of religion) and allowed for the genocide and eradication of the Israelites, which they deemed/deem as “merciless savages”.

The Gentiles burned and destroyed the Israelite records, and (what they did not destroy) they coveted and canonized, omitting and adding to, changing times and seasons, and laws (Daniel 7:25). They changed the images from “black” to “white” and told the world, “Black skin is a curse!” (That’s just one of the falsehoods . . . there are so many more.)

They removed the Hebrew from the records, and put their names in its place. They created a race-based society, stole the Israelite identity, and strew lies (here a little, there a little), creating a smorgasboard of religions, and formulating theologies of “replacement” and “conversion” across the face of the earth.

CONFUSION! Photo by Liviu Gorincioi

Who are the blind men (monks) in the parable? The rulers of nations and the religions of the world. All nations have a “piece” of the truth. And, ALL nations have been confederate in this (Psalms 83:3-5), being silent in the midst of the Abominable Church (and all of her daughters) masking truth as their own, ushering in their Precepts of Men, and their adulterated, Man-Made Traditions, committing fornication with the great whore—all this in the name of the Most High Almighty.

ALL nations have told lies to justify this wickedness, and their religions have created a greater divide amongst the children of men. The Abominable Church teaches these lies (even still) to all the peoples of the earth, because of the great and elaborate riches they have acquired, and their formidable task to enslave and control (all men). Even when brought into the light, the “church” refuses to repent.

The whole world has been deceived (Jeremiah 16:19). And you wonder why they are fighting in the parable and we are yet, still fighting today?

The Plan of the Most High has not changed. The Most High loves all the children of the earth, all the children of men. We are all HIS creation. But, it was not given to the Gentiles to put “it all together” and to be a bearer of truth to the world. And, it was NOT given to a “religion” (or system), either. (Jeremiah 23:20-22).

It was given to a People, the Israelites; It was given unto Zion who the Most High has chosen to establish HIS laws of morality in the earth. We are to turn ALL peoples and ALL nations from their evil ways, and get them to REPENT and return to the Creator! (Isaiah 2:1-3); Thus, the Remnant of Israel—

Like An Elephant In The Room . . .


Love, Mercy, Grace & Shalom,

Until Soon!

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