LIVING IN PROPHECY . . . “The End” has been declared from “The Beginning” (Isaiah 46:10). “The End?” you ask? It will be the end of evil and wickedness upon the earth (Nahum 1:3-7). If only we could have been like Nineveh, and repented. Behold, a new Era is dawning . . .


It is so beautiful how the Sealed Portion (Daniel 12:4) and the sacred texts, align the histories and prophecies of the Israelite nation, and witnesses, in Hebrew tradition, one to another, line upon line, precept by precept. It is glorious how the Most High is bringing HIS truth out to all the nations of the earth.

While studying, I recently found this compilation and was really moved by it, as it bears witness (from the Bible to the Aprocrypha, Book of Moses, and the Sealed Portion) that EVERY natural disaster is to bring man to REPENTANCE; and, that man (and all nations and peoples of the earth) should return unto the Creator that made him!

May it quicken your spirit . . .

Thank You “YAH’s Chosen”!

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by MART PRODUCTION)

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    1. Yannah—Good to hear from you! “YAH’s CHOSEN” on YouTube. You can search her there and find more information. This particular video was from 2020, but she has more recent releases that might interest you, as well! Until Soon!

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