. . . And it is YOU, O’ House of Israel! (It has been about you all of this time!)

An “Elephant In the Room” effect is a “major problem” or “controversial issue” that is obviously present but avoided as a subject for “discussion” because it is more comfortable to do so. My people (Israel) have always been a subject of discussion and a byword of lies. It is most evident that the world cannot handle the truth: They don’t want to “see” themselves, or acknowledge who we are. (It is quite critical. No need for theory. This is TRUTH and they REFUSE to repent! (And, you’re wondering, this day, why there is war?)

Perhaps, for Israelites, our existence has been liken to shame. Yes, a quiet shame (we all have felt it), but from whence it had come was escaping us, for a time. We really couldn’t understand the hatred, the disdain . . . being the most despised of all peoples upon the earth . . . until we were awakened to the Truth. All of a sudden, the hush-hush, the whispers, the long languid looks, the violence against us, it all started to make sense, and we knew it was not just “skin” deep. It was deeper than that. Way deeper.

Today, the Israelites have dumbfounded the whole world, the elite, and the global giants. They are shaken, wondering, how on earth did we ever find out? Prophecy, of course; the Promises of our Father, spoken of continuously by our Prophets, throughout our sacred texts; and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who returned to the earth when the time of the Gentiles was up. (Thank you “Mama” Ruach!) We are finding our way out of darkness. (Really, do you think our Father would lie?)

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?



It has been said, When two Elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers . . . and yes, the world has suffered because of our transgressions and our fall. (But also, promise was given, and salvation was extended to all the children of men! Glory!)

Photo by Bert

We were stiff-necked, buck-wild, and wicked, and we turned our hearts away from our ABBA, the Most High. Instead of being a light to the other nations, we wanted to become like the other nations and serve their gods, follow their ways. For this, we have been chastened, terribly. (The Most High always uses the other nations to punish us.) Sadly, in this plight, this last captivity, they (the other nations) went too far.

The two Elephants fighting (this saying) represented the Two Kingdoms of our Great Divide:

THE HOUSE OF JUDAH, “JUDAH” the Southern Kingdom (led by Judah) which encompassed the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi (the Priests). Our records, history, and sacred texts are what are known (in general) today as the Holy Bible/ with Aprocrypha. This is the First Stick.

THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, “ISRAEL” the Northern Kingdom (led by Ephraim–Stick of Ephraim) and also referred to as the “Stick of Joseph,” encompassed the Ten Tribes: Ephraim, Abner, Dan, Gad, Issachar, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, and Zebulon. (The Ten Tribes were never “lost” in the sense that the world elite has always known where and who we were/and are.)

Our records, history, and sacred texts are what are known (in general) today as The Book of Moses, (aka the Book of Mormon, aka Book of Maya, aka Mayan Bible, aka PoPul Vuh) among a collection of other books, including The Doctrines and Covenants/The Pearl of Great Price. This is the Second Stick.


Throughout biblical history, “JUDAH” and “ISRAEL” were at war with one another, and at times they were aligned, fighting by each others side. Both houses experienced rulership by wicked kings (save Saul, David, and Solomon), and both were brought down into captivity (numerous times). ISRAEL, gone into the “wilderness,” separated by great waters . . . both houses have been scattered to the four corners of the earth.

The glorious days of the Israelites being a United Kingdom were gone from us for so, so long, and today the prophecy of Ezekiel 37 is being fulfilled! Today, the Two Sticks (the two Witnesses) our records are One! The Remnant of the Children of Israel, JUDAH and ISRAEL, are coming together as one under the HOUSE OF ISRAEL!

It is a worldwide spiritual gathering, all of us brought together and united in Yahusha HaMashiach. It is a beautiful thing! And all those that cling to the Remnant are counted among us! (Soon our King will return in the physical!)


Have you ever read the Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant? I encourage you to read it. It will be the topic to gain understanding of the next post, soon to come . . .

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Aldo Picaso)

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  1. Very well written information. It will be beneficial to anyone who employess it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

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