Immersion. 10th Month. Humility.

There is a language to Pride and it starts with Ego: “I”. (I want, I think, I feel, taking no consideration for others, or the counsel of the Most High). It is that fine “Point in Life” where there is a separation between “YOU” (us) and the Most High.  It is that “ME” life (“MY” will be done) and it is as destructive as a “mine”/”mind” field, blowing up, spewing off the tongue.

It is that first or second thought that usually slips in (no matter the situation) before we (prayerfully) catch ourselves and look to the Most High for direction. (Direct my steps, ABBA . . . Choose my words wisely . . .)

I’m Listening, YAH . . .

If not already guarded, in any moment we can be found doubting, or just totally oblivious to our Creator.  And, if we are not aware, if we are not listening to ourselves (to our words and others), this can turn into a terrible existence of selfishness, envy, and darkness.

Immediately, we must humble ourselves and find our way back to the Creator.  Getting back in the Light and staying in the Light, that is our constant measure.  It is an everyday work, sometimes, minute by minute, for all too often, we become so full of ourselves.

In psychology, ego is actually a neutral term which simply describes an aspect of ourselves.  But it is this very aspect that defines our character and how we relate to the world around us. Lightly put, our ego defines what we think and do and how we make decisions.  (Very important, indeed.)

So you can imagine, when we are out of line and our steps are not “ordered” by the Most High, we are bound to be grounded in conceit, arrogance, big-headedness, pomposity, vanity, and superiority (—the list goes on).  And it can rear its ugly head at any moment!

There is a beauty in humbling ourselves (it’s a work!), and there is an underlying pain to being humbled and chastened by our Creator.  While the latter is not always so inviting, both are for the good and necessary for our learning, that we may carry on in HIS righteousness.

This month, may we be well aware of ourselves and immerse in HUMILITY that it may be an ever-present graciousness in the way we walk.  (The Beauty Way.)

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Jess Loiterton)

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