Swan Song: Soulless, Sealed and Delivered

From the Stepford Wives to Swan Song, the soulless world is inundating us with a monotony of drugs, drones, clones, robots, sexbots, holograms, and robotic deities; assimilated communications, cells, trackers, all-seeing and hearing gadgets and devices; and now, “deepfaking the dead” seems to be Satan’s highest and newest accomplishment.  

HaShatan, the Prince of the Air, the god of this world, appears to have it all. (Mind you, appearances are deceiving.)  If you have any desire for truth, you probably already know the Most High, Master of the Universe, God Almighty, Creator of  the Heavens and Earth, has long given the world over into Satan’s hands.

And in these Last Days, HE has allowed Lucifer (with his band of fallen angels and memes) to have full reign and wield of the secrets of heaven, to wage war against the Infinite Power, the Holy One of Israel.  (It’s almost laughable, but it’s truly sad.  So many will perish.  Children of the earth are perishing now. Even, still.)

In this Last Hour, HaShatan is wowwwing the world with Artificial Intelligence.  Mind you, he can’t create anything on his own.  He can only take what the Creator has already created and pervert it.  Science and technology is a creation of the Master of the Universe.  Separated from HIS holiness, it has no foundation to stand on and outside of the Holy Order, it is being used for evil.

Photo by Alex Knight

But that doesn’t stop the people of the earth from being caught-up and woo’d, year after year, month after month, day after day, tripping over themselves, fighting amongst themselves, and dying to be the first to get the download on all of his updates, improvements and “new” releases in “science and technology” (very loosely put).

After all, Satan believes anything the Most High can do, he can do better.  The world is his “tinker toy” (for all who indulge), and life just keeps getting better and better, right? (Held applause.)  The answer is quite evident.  Look around.  See the confusion.  And in the irony of it all, Satan keeps saying he can save you. (He can’t.)

The Most High, our Creator, operates in Spirit and in Truth.  (There is a Holy Order to everything in creation.)  HaShatan mimics the Spirit and operates in Deception.  Satan is a god of confusion.  He takes everything out of holy order, flip flops it, and wings it into place.

He is best at taking what the Most High has created for good, manipulating it, and using it for evil, and he makes evil look so good and acceptable.  (If you cannot tell the difference between what is good, and what is evil in the first place . . . well then, that is a problem.)


Which brings me to the 2021 movie release, Swan Song (AppleTv+).  (Mind you, there is another “dying wish” 2021 Swan Song movie on Netflix.) So what’s with the title?

“Swan Song” is a Greek (nothing ancient about it) metaphorical phrase which represents “a final gesture, effort, or performance.”  (Hmmm . . . let me guess.)  This human-like clone is Satan’s final presentation to the world (but undoubtedly, NOT his last gesture in this Last Hour):

Satan can now not only produce a human clone, but he can produce a clone with (artificial) memory, fore-thought, after-thought, feelings, and emotions—his perfected-download of a human being replacement.  His final answer to the Most High’s creation of man-kind (from scratch and scraps, man and machine—not dirt from the earth.) As fascinating as that looks and sounds, it still falls short.  It is a counterfeit.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering

There is one thing Satan will NEVER, EVER be able to do (and he knows it).  He CANNOT create (much less mimic) a SOUL.  (A soul is spirit.)  And that is why he needs YOURS.  

You see, if the ways of Satan are in YOUR forehead, (as long as YOU believe what you “see”) you won’t even notice . . . the difference. He needs to keep you blind and detached from your Creator and the sacred truth. When his ways are “sealed” in your forehead, there is no turning back. (Soul sold.)

Satan will have you sniffling and snottin’ over something that appears to be so deeply wrenching, so sacrificially loving, and so poetically beautiful—BUT, it is a complete lie (deception!) AND an insult to our Creator ON HIGH!


(Clap, clap, clap.) The movie was quite moving.  I will give the performing artists their kudos for acting and presentation (well done), but, aesthetically, the movies’ philosophy and principles I found to be spiritually distasteful.

Swan Song introduces the world to a man who appears to have done all the “right” things to be accomplished and successful in society.  Additionally, he was creative (evidently living his passion), a loving and supportive husband, and a responsible father who had acquired all the necessities of life to be a sound provider and protector.

Head of his household and hardworking, he was a man in control, seemingly, a “strongman,” and his family loved him, greatly.  (What a beautifully painted picture and breath of fresh air for the “black” family.)  But (oh no!) he had cancer: the ultimate death sentence (if you believe it to be so) . . .

What was soon evident (to me), and most disappointing, he was the direct opposite of a man of strength:  He was a man who had NO Faith, NO Hope, NO Knowledge of his Creator, and he showed NO signs of Independent and “Higher” Thought.  He operated out of Fear. (Satan loves to toy with our feelings and emotions.) And because of that, he was weak as hell.

Deceit is one of the most cowardly acts on earth (the world is full of it); and depending where that seed is sowed, it grows an even greater wickedness and causes others (the unknowing) to commit an un-willful sin out of ignorance, and it takes away their rightful choice. Deceit over Truth for the greater good?! (I think not!)

Photo by Liza Summer

My reaction to the movie? I cried, but not for reasons you might think. I cried because it reminded me of how many of my people have been deceived by Satan’s tactics.  If he can’t get you straight-out through sin, he’ll make you cancel yourself out through ignorance and fear.  Easy kill.  In your face:  this is how he operates.  

I don’t know about you, but I am just tired of the lies and having to appease them all.  (Can a man serve two masters?)  If I yet please men, I should not be the servant of the Most High in HaMashiach.

Right about now, the world is caught-up on its “high” of merry crisis and a happy new fear (Flurona?).  Whether you subscribe to the ever-changing world narrative and views, or not, Swan Song was just another end-time release.showing you the darkness to come. (It is already here.) LOOK UP! Satan’s going down with guns blazing. And it’s not over until the “Swan” sings.


In closing, let me just say today is NOT the commencing of a New Year. The true New Year of the Most High is in Spring, not in the middle of winter when things are cold, dark, and deathly. In Creation, Spring is the appointed time when the Most High brings forth new birth, new growth, and new beginnings.

If you are in a covenant with the Most High, the Holy One of Israel, you understand judgment is upon the earth and prayerfully, you are operating in the fullness of the gospel and you know what it will take to endure unto the end.  (We operate IN the beast system, but we are not OF the beast system, being sealed IN our forehead—our thoughts, our mind, our heart—in HaMashiach, the Christ.)

As devastation ensues, we count it all joy and continue to operate in love, mercy, grace, peace, and shalom, unto all peoples of the earth, seven days a week, as we labor diligently to persuade the children of the earth to REPENT(!), get your “house” in order, and return unto the Most High, your Creator.

May you continue to live the difference with love and respect, rightly dividing truth—what the Creator says, what HaShatan says, and (be wise in) what YOU choose to accept. 

Keep It Real Family!

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