GO SISTER, SOUL SISTER! The Beauty Of Sisterhood

OF MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS . . . It is all about turning what is ordinary into divine:  Taking an everyday, plain, ordinary woman (much like an ordinary piece of dough), setting her apart, growing her up in righteousness, and keeping her holy, as the Creator is holy. As women, we are to be living examples to one another, encouraging each other along the path.

(The Hebrew word chol means ordinary, and it is the root word of Challah.  Challah does not mean bread, dough, or anything like that.  Challah represents the “ordinary” and signifies the separation between the holy and the mundane.) 

The Beauty of Sisterly Love

A wise woman will build up her house with wisdom and understanding, for she knows the Most High blesses the homes of the righteous. As a set-apart woman, she has the ability to release holiness into the world each and every Shabbat, and each and every day. (O’ how beautiful it is when mothers, daughters, and sisters come together in spirit and in truth!)

A few months back, the Most High set in my heart to start a category that would specifically share, uplift, and encourage the Sisterhood along the way. But the specifics of the “sisterhood” eluded me, and I had not yet committed to a spiritual refuge where I knew I could be fed and grow, daily, in the fullness thereof.

(Today when I speak of “sisterhood,” I am without question of where I belong, or of whom I speak. This is a life calling upon the elect.)


As the Most High gives us instruction and continues to pave our way in these Last Days, it is so important we take each step in faith that we may endure a world that is overcome with confusion, hypocrisy, treachery, violence, and destruction. This sharing will be categorized (once again) as Of Mothers & Daughters, BUT with clarity of purpose.

The Sisterhood I speak of are women who have their hearts united in HaMashiach and who fear the Most High, above all. We are women of the Mechelzidek priesthood. We are the Daughters of Zion (Sion), clothed in the Fullness of the Gospel.

We are all about our “Father’s Business,” sanctifying our households, giving care and cultivation to our families, being a helpmate and a support to our yeomen, our husbandmen, and our warriors. We tend to the needs of others, to the children of the earth, and keeping our lamps full, we put our gifts to full use in the vineyard—Go Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister!

Even our ordinary lives have a holy source.  As we come together in spirit and in truth, we refuse to be distracted by the plights of this world, or stuck in a rut from the threat of the mundane, or angered by a “locked-down” life, or challenged mentally with depression and worry. We are to pray for one another and build each other up.

We are women who refuse to be bound. We are NOT of those who fall back, and cower, and are destroyed; but we are those who BELIEVE and are saved. (One Faith. One Baptism. One Spirit.)

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

We have a work to do! We do not give over our time or our thoughts to a mindless existence, being entertained by “darkness” and the beastly medium. The House of the Most High is full of wonder and surprise! HE is our source! In HIM we breathe and move and our lives have meaning. We are women living and holy unto the Most High.


In this Last Hour, may our sisterhood stand firm in the foundation and the promises of the Most High. May we greet and receive one another wholly, in love and with encouragement, that we may press on. That is The Beauty Way. (Do not be deceived by the world which is so quick to try and pervert it.)

How beautiful it is every time sisters come together and build one another up, as we prepare for the coming of HaMashiach. We are a sisterhood of women who have been and are being refined, going through the fire as a sweet smoke, using our gifts unto the Most High, just as we are commanded to do. Everything begins at home.  Better said, Brother Qadash (ONOP) put it more beautifully: ZION begins at home.

Each woman is unique to the sisterhood.  Each woman has her own essence.  Each woman has a set-apart gift to the Creator.  While there is no cookie-cutter recipe to our make-up, we are united as one in truth. We are Sisters—In the words of Elder Ahyal (ONOP), “white, black, green, orange, and especially the velvet people . . . the Family of The Most High God.)

Each time “Mama Ruach” is in our presence, we are bond in the spiritual and the physical, seizing the opportunity to bring positive change to each other, and to the world . . . for all nations will be blessed through us.

Welcome to OF MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS . . . may you bless us with your presence as oft’ as you are led.

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Steez Visualz)

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