Immersion. 9th Month. REPENT!

Yes, it is late In this 9th Month of the Most High, as it late in the days of what has been prophesied of old. We are living in those days, and if you have not done so already, I encourage you to choose now who you will serve—The Beast or The Creator. For, the 6th (Seal Revelation 6:12-14) has been opened and judgement is now in the whole earth. May you choose wisely, REPENT, and submerge your self in the Waters of Repentance.

This life on earth has been a time of our probation. (I bet you didn’t know you were on probation?!—I surely didn’t when I first came into this truth!) Yes, we have been on probation, living our lives under the free agency of choice.

The extent of our lives, the life span each one of us has been given, is the Most High’s God-given grace. Even though it is late in the days, there is a question you need to ask yourself before your grace run’s out: How have you been spending YOUR time?

Photo by Alex Green

Each day we must take a deep look into our individual lives, for we are bound to sin un-willfully when we are ignorant of the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Most High. This is a call to deepen our studies. (Once you know, you know, and you are accountable for what you know.) We sin willfully when our hearts are not united with HaMashiach and we have no fear of our Creator, the God of Israel. This is called willful ignorance, having complete disregard for the commandments, or otherwise figuring you’ve got time to fit them into your life (!).

Our fate is in whether we choose to accept HIS truth and correction, or reject it, and continue on this path. That is the mark that will seal you forever. As you see, we must work out our salvation, daily (with trembling and fear). It is not a game, and the Most High ain’t playin’.


Photo by Junny Sema

If you have accepted the seal of the Fullness of the Gospel, you are in your time of preparation; your soul is at peace in the promises of our Creator, and you are aware of what is required of you in these Last Days (both those who are of the House of Israel and the Gentiles who cleave).

You have understanding of the happenings in this Last Hour, and you have been given instruction on how to navigate and endure. (You are listening to the angel in your midst and “Mama” Ruach HaQadash is guiding you every step of the way.)

You are working tirelessly in the vineyards, bringing forth the harvest of ALL our brothers and sisters who may, prayerfully, heed. For us, this is not a time of woe, but a time of unfailing joy. This is a beautiful thing.

If you are wavering under the spirit of indecision, maybe you are consumed with your own problems and the things of this world—all of its affairs; what you shall eat, what you shall drink, what you shall wear. Your mind is taxed with how you will pay for this or that, and what you will do, where you will go, and how will you fare?

I imagine, if you are still attached to the things of this world, you will miss them dearly when they are gone. Look up! Destruction is all about you: Here today, gone tomorrow.

My Sisters, consider this now, for tomorrow is not promised to you, and if you are wavering, the promises of the Most High Creator are not yours (James 1:6-8). Immerse. 9th Month. REPENT! Return unto the Most High, your Creator. HE is waiting for you with open arms.

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Kenneth Gorzal Surillo)

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