The Power Is (Already) Yours!




This is a shout-out to all my Sister Bo Peeps’ and Brother Boy Blues’—-What is your calling? What are you doing? And are you being responsible? In asking, I am addressing the leaders, the teachers, the seed planters, all those who live by example—which should emcompass us all. I am addressing YOU! (I am addressing myself!) What are we up to in this Last Hour?

More specifically, in these Last Days, are you blowin’ your horn? In other words, are YOU doing as the Creator has called you to do? The Power Is Yours. We are to use the gifts bestowed upon us for the Kingdom of the Most High! We are to work tirelessly, in the vineyards, to help bring in the Harvest. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few . . .” O’ House of Israel, Where are you?!

Little Boy Blue, Come Blow Your Horn, The Sheep’s In the Meadow, The Cow’s in the Corn, Where is the Boy Who Looks After the Sheep? . . . (Little Boy Blue, Nursery Rhyme)

Are you walking straight before the face of our Creator? Or are you under the haystack, still fast asleep?

The “signs and times” have men frantically running to and fro in search of wealth (money, knowledge, etc.) and provisions (power, sustenance) to overcome this world. Those in pursuit have swept aside their prayers of salvation and blindly search with itching ears; filling their heads and forsaking their hearts, unto brokeness: O’ Israel, do not turn away from your God! (Again?!)

Are you looking for something, yet, more to wield? Don’t you see, my brothers and sisters, the power is already yours! For there is no power above the name of our Mashiach—ALL things under His feet! Only in the name of our Mashiach is where you will find AUTHORITY above ALL things.

Surely there is no enchantment (sorcery) against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!


HIS POWER is not ours to hone, or to wield around aimlessly; to have just for the knowing, or just in case. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to operate NOT BY POWER, NOT BY MIGHT, BUT BY HIS SPIRIT! Isn’t thus saith the Most High? (I mean, isn’t that what HE said?!)

I think of the Testament of Solomon and the supernatural incantations he used to subdue the darkest of spirits and fallen angels and their legions (given by their own decree) unto his service. For, in the given of times of those days, those ways were purposed to be performed. But even the wisest man on earth succumbed to ignorance, in the end he, too, fell astray (worshipping false gods).

Think of the “download” of Joseph and how he was able to ascend to the 70th Step—(SCROLL OF JASHER 49: 1-18) All of that knowledge—how did he get it? (When the Servant is ready, the Messenger will appear.)

We must be wise to live life according to the times we are in.

And, in being wise, we will gain knowledge of such.


“Seek Wisdom, not Knowledge. Knowledge is of the Past. Wisdom is of the Future.”


The keyword here is SEEK: We must seek wisdom. In this we GAIN knowledge. (It takes wisdom to know the difference. It helps us to discern.) Thus, we must first have wisdom before knowledge can be attained. If we seek the Kingdom of the Most High and all HIS righteousness, HE will direct our steps and fittingly, knowledge will be increased.


Blue is a color of uniqueness and it is associated with Loyalty, Focus, and Conscientiousness. And, as the Nursey Rhyme goes, Little Boy Blue . . .

Come Blow Your Horn: The Horn represents SALVATION and IMMORTALITY. This is your protection. This is your asylum. To other nations, the horn (like a charging animal) is their rage, and they used this rage to scatter and defeat our people.

“What are these coming to do?” I asked. And He replied, “These are the horns that scattered Judah so that no one could raise his head; but the craftsmen have come to terrify them and throw down these horns of the nations that have lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter it.”


The Sheep’s In The Meadow: We are the Most High Almighty’s sheep. Sheep hear their Master’s voice. Our leaders and teachers feed us with the word of our Creator. Our leaders are to speak straight that their words go like sunlight into our hearts (and we rejoice!).

AND, with equal importance, we are to study to show ourselves approved unto the Most High, and to do the work that we might not be ashamed, (righteously) dividing the word of truth. We must shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness!

We are in the meadow. A meadow is the grass land that is mowed down for hay. Our ABBA lets HIS sheep rest in the meadow grass . . . beside the quiet streams. (HIS whisper is like a quiet stream of knowledge. In this we immerse ourselves and draw from it our wellsprings of wisdom, insight, and inspirations.

The Cow’s In The Corn: I have spoken of “The Cow” in the HEY DIDDLE: A Prophetic Riddle post. Transfer that knowledge to this post. (It is the same cow and the cow is in our corn.) Corn is the gift of the Great Spirit with which HE feeds the WHOLE earth. The Corn represents our prosperity and abundance, as a nation, as a Chosen People.

Corn differs from ALL grasses. Corn CANNOT reproduce it self. Its seed must be sought out, and chosen, and planted, and the direct intervention of the Most High. Yes, through manipulation, corn has been known to grow wild in a jar, a container, and with a meddling, at best on its own: But it dies alone there, for it needs other plants for pollination.

Where Is The Boy Who Looks After The Sheep? (And where you at, Sister Bo Peep?)—

Photo by Misha Voguel

Are you under the haystack still fast asleep?

The Haystack: Spiritually, I think of the Scroll of Ezekiel (37), the dry bones and the chaff . . . of the heaping’s of our people, mowed down, gathered up (with a pitchfork) and strewn across the lands; left for dead. Generations upon generations. Mountains of our people . . . Oh, how long the years. (But we are now awakened and under “one” House. O’ my brothers and sisters! Where you at?!)

In Hebrew, “hay” is not thought of as we think of it today. Hay was not used among the Hebrews of old. They used straw. They cut their grasses, but what they cut is defined as the FIRST SHOOTS of green grass (not the latter). First shoots of green grass were likened to “hay” when it dried (chashash—dry grass) or turned to chaff.

Fast Asleep: How long did it take you to first awaken?


May you be quick to hear. In this Last Hour the earth is being shaken . . . (Can you feel it?!)

The Power Is Yours!

(Cover Photo by HARSH KUSHWAHA)

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