Smoke Signals . . .

THE BEAUTY WAY . . . There are Latter Days, Last Days, and then there is the Last Day, Last Hour, Last Stand. This is where we will appear before the Judgement Seat of the Most High, our Creator, and receive what is due to us, whether good or bad. Immediately (like right now) there should arise in you that staggering question which should give answer and revelation into what lies ahead.


HaMashiach is revealing himself just as He has done in the days of old unto the ancients when they were lost during the first Exodus. Even then there was evidence of Him guiding the Israelites out of the “dark” (out of Egypt, out of bondage) . . . in a CLOUD by day . . . in a FIRE by night. So shall it be again in this second Exodus. We must not fear the trouble ahead. He has given us His Sealed Portion with instruction: He is our call for help. He will keep us from the danger (and confusion!) if we hold to the fullness of the gospel and keep our eyes on Him.

In this day, many of the inhabitants of the earth are entranced with the earth-shaking events of La Palma. It does deserve a discerning look. The volcano has a lot of people scratching their heads, trying to make sense out of the destruction, mainly the prolonged smoky days and fiery nights. To them, the timings make no sense.

See here that the timing, the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, is on point (and for all the world to see). It is the evidence of our Savior right before us, in the cloud and in the fire saying, “FOLLOW ME!” And, I might add, in the background in another part of the earth, more awesomeness; the “hidden” geyser of Yellowstone, Steamboat, spews from its belly, spouting its steam up to the heavens like never before. Everywhere, in Holy order, there are happenings about us! (DANGER! DANGER AHEAD!)


Do You Know? Do You Even Care?

The Seals are open. The earth is coughing up her truths. The rocks are turning over. And the wickedness in all things is being exposed. (I can barely contain myself!) Under the Most High’s heavenly order, EVERYTHING on this earth that has breath is sounding off, giving upmost honor and praise to the Almighty God of Israel. (One day you will too, if you are not already.)

Now is not the time to be confused. At this very moment, at this very second, in this very blink of your eye, you should be staring into the reality of your existence and looking inside your present-day heart. Here and now lies your eternity, should your breath be taken away at this very instant . . . should HaMashiach return as a thief in the night. Either way: The beauty is, if you know you are living out of the order of the Most High, this is the time to seek out the Creator, trust HaMashiach as Savior to guide you, and while you are yet in this day, get your walk right.


Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know?

Mahogany Theme Song, 1975

Have you been desiring the power and the glory of this world, forsaking the Most High for the accents of fame, financial gain, and material wealth? (Promising to “work Him in” once you get it all together?) Have you strayed from the Most High by committing acts of lawlessness, or by devoting yourself to the idolatry of religion by way of sticks (the cross) and stones (the black stone) and serving other gods? By the way, ALL religious systems are counterfeit (doctrines of men) and the gentile leaders have misled you and will continue to mislead you (if you let them), fulfilling the words of the Holy One of Israel in the Sealed Portion.

Or, even still, have you been awakened but spend your time costuming and celebrating cultural fancies, going through the motions, having the language, speaking the words, but the truth is far from you? Have you been wasting your time, your money, your efforts tracing your DNA, your lineage, unearthing the ancients, even your genealogies in order to hold to the pride of your hearts that your salvation might be sufficed? (Know ye not that this is blasphemy before the Most High?)

These are the things that have been to the world, not to the Creator.

Sealed Portion 61

Even within the Nation of Israel there is a distinction between our people. It is the very distinction of the man who can read smoke signals and the man who just sees smoke. The Kingdom is already here—we should be living it in our hearts. It is about being spiritually set-apart. It is a spiritual gathering of souls to the four corners of the earth, as we await the ushering in, the physical manifestation and return of our Mashiach and the in-gathering of the Kingdom come.


Photo by Jaime Reimer

Israel is a people, a nation. We are to be a light to all peoples and nations of the earth. The world will see the God of Israel is with us. But know, we have a work to do and we cannot perform the works of light while living in darkness. I encourage you to stay on path and walk The Beauty Way.

  • If you have fallen away, REPENT. Get back on path and KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS of the Most High, His laws, His statutes, and His precepts.
  • Acknowledge our Creator in ALL things. Everything we are and everything we do is for His glory. He is our everything!
  • And to everything in creation there is order. Know His timings. Do nothing in a disorderly manner or at an inappropriate time.
  • We must not be prideful. We must keep in a humility of heart and hold fast to the Most High’s will.
  • We must not pattern ourselves after wandering spirits, forsaking the Most High to follow traditions of men.
  • We must discern the Creator who made all things and not concern ourselves with the opinions, thoughts, and philosophies of others. (Our God is not a God of confusion!)
  • We must continuously study our sacred texts and get knowledge and understanding that we may gain the gift of wisdom in all things.
Photo by Roberto Nickson

I only hope to encourage you to stay on path and to not be shaken as things are indeed shaking up. We serve a God of Order and He is in control. May you not get blinded by the smoke screens of this world; for surely it is the world’s intent that we never awaken to the Creator’s sacred truth.

May all be well in Israel. Keep your heart on fire and don’t let the smoke get in your eyes. During these treacherous times and alway, keep your eyes on your guide, HaMashiach—Cloud by day, Fire by night . . .

Smoke Signals.

(Cover Photo by Anna Shvets)

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