WELCOME To A New Category on TrueBeauty.Life!

Of Mothers & Daughters

I brought forth many sons and one daughter. Praise the MOST HIGH CREATOR who gave me a daughter, so very different from myself, yet so very much alike. I have learned much and grown in many ways from raising this beauty of a child (and all my sons and grandsons—amazing souls!).

But understandably, there is no bond like a Mother and a Daughter; and my daughter, now in her 30’s, there is a celebration of womanhood and beauty each time I am with her and look into her eyes. Indeed there is a discerning balance, for she has an incredible life and a family, and friends of her own; but, it is our time together that is most compelling and such a treasure.

Through my eldest son, I have gained more daughters (A Daughter-in-law and a Grand-daughter!). My cup runs over with delight! We live so very, very far apart and there has been distance in our relationship (not just physical) but it is a work in progress to well be overcome. Surely, we love one another through it, through every challenge, and more importantly, I am dedicated to developing a deeper bond.

It is exciting every time I have chance to laugh together with my daughters and be in the presence of their glorious smiles! I mean, I am proud so say, I had the most wonderful “Tea Party” (face-time) with my grand-daughter just a few weeks back!—And then perhaps, my youngest son, too (and soon), will grace me with another daughter (a wife!) to join the bunch(!?).

So you see, it was through the power of all these relations, Of Mothers & Daughters was born.


In this category there is no plan to thrill you with words, studies, or thoughts—No! This will be a place of ACTION! And other than this intro, Of Mothers & Daughters will be filled with wonderful things to do—Foodies! Travel! Adventure!—done and shared between a Mother and Daughter from the Womb of Sky and Womb of Earth, to its Four Sides and Four Corners.

So, with that said, may this category be a blessing to you that your Mother and Daughter relationships may be lively and fulfilling, as well! Praises to the MOST HIGH!

Until Soon!


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