Once In A Blue Moon

The world has lost it’s youth and the times begin to wax old. (2 ESDRAS 14:10)

Welcome to your once in a “Blue Moon” moment. This time you have been given in the land of the living, this is your (God-given) grace. Use it well. It should be no surprise to you, Lucifer is the ruler of this world. The world you are living in right now, this is “his” story. Everything you have been taught in his world—his school systems, his religious systems, and his politics—it is all a lie.

He lied to you. You have inherited lies. You have been indoctrinated. You have been deceived. (We all have.) And now, HaShatan is losing patience. May you learn to number your days and apply your heart to wisdom:

For, 4 full moons have appeared in the sky, during the current season. The third of these was a Blue Moon. It crested this past August (21-22). Each season usually has 3 full moons, but this season we were given 4. This season will end around September 22 (in the 7th Month of our Creator). It is in this 7th Month (Calendar of Enoch) we will recognize Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot (Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles).

A Blue Moon is an extremely rare occurrence. “3” is the number of preparation, “4” is a number that signifies love, support, and inner strength. Take heed: The highest frequency in creation is LOVE (528 HZ). The lowest, is HATE which begins with ANGER (150 HZ) and falls to contraction.

Hear O’ Daughters of Sion. Set a visual. It will help you to gage yourself as you read through this post. We must be prepared. We must operate in love to overcome this world. And we must endure to the end.


We have been living in an upside-down world and now this world, its system, is crumbling. The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY is tearing it down, a little here, a little there, with great increase; until destruction is back-to-back and simultaneous, one event on top of another, no breather in between—pancaked. (Refer to the Apocalypse of Abraham for a more detailed account of the plagues upon us.)

Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.

2 Esdras 6:9

Do not be dismayed. The Creator is turning everything right-side-up. You are experiencing the flip of script: As it is written, first will be last, and last will be first. These things must come to pass. The speech of these things trembleth and is moved: for it knoweth that the end of these things must be changed. (2 Esdras 6:16)


The mind that clings to “what was” will be sealed in darkness. This mindset will be confused, distracted and focused on what is happening right in front of and all around it. This mind will pawn for “normalcy,” that which it once knew (the only way of life it knows) and will have great hope for “what was” to be, again. This mind will keep looking back over its shoulder, in fear, as it plummets, head on, into disarray.

“All Skin Folk Ain’t Kin Folk” (Photo by Cottonbro)

Consumed and heavy laden with all the lawlessness and world descent, this mind will play the blame game. It will use anything and anyone as its objective. Pointing angry fingers, in its line of fire, it will arouse HATE. It will become the accuser, as it has need to identify and blame something or someone (other than itself) for its own problems and the conditions of the world. It has to, for it has no understanding, no power, and no control. This will be its madness.

As it loses patience, this mindset will lash out (when it should be looking within). It will cling to the things of this world (its old systems of belief—all lies) and fanatically, grasp away at nothingness, to try to reclaim what will never be again. This mind will invoke HATRED, CONFUSION, CRUELTY & DISCORD and will fight the change that is upon us with gnashing of teeth, to the very end.


Free your mind. Turn your thoughts within. It is time to look at yourself. You could be your own (and worst) enemy. If you are not operating in love—LOVE, LIGHT, HUMANITY & HARMONY (1 John 5:1-4), you are an enemy of the Most High. You are an “anti” – Mashiach. (In other words, an anti-Christ. There are many anti-Christs. They have always been. Soon they will be no more.)

Prepare your heart for change. To do this, you must become as a child again. You must renew your mind. You must break the iron bands from around your heart and unshackle the chains that have you captivated and bound in this physical existence. (You are a spiritual being. You have been emotionally enslaved.)

Now is NOT the time to cry over spilt milk. Make yourself fit for meat! Take hold of this Once In A Blue Moon and began the ascent. This is the time to get knowledge and grow like never before. Again, this is a time of grace. Prepare yourself for the Stream of Knowledge that is flowing bountifully, for only a short while. (READ 2 Esdras 14:42-48; and Daniel 12:4.) Make yourself familiar with the Ezekiel 37 scroll.

Do you believe the MOST HIGH has sealed up knowledge and held it back, only to be revealed to the prophets of His Chosen in the latter days? Those days are now.


While the world is being taken down, simultaneously, the Chosen, the righteous, are gaining knowledge and rising. (Good Rising!) Tragically, if you are caught-up in this world and your only focus is on the fall, you will miss the rising of the righteous. This is where you should want to be. As written, this truth is reserved for the wise.

Do not be deceived. Many will deny the knowledge at hand, thinking it strange and new. There is nothing new under the sun. May you be counted wise and prepare your mind to receive it:

  • Now therefore, set your house in order, and reprove thy people. (Know that Lawlessness and Righteousness can NOT dwell together.)
  • Comfort such of them that be in trouble. (Don’t lose your compassion.)
  • Renounce corruption. (Don’t become indifferent.)
  • Let go of all your mortal thoughts.
  • Cast away the burdens of man.
  • Put off now the weak nature. (You must be strong!)
  • Set aside the thoughts that are most heavy on you. (Trust the Most High Almighty.)
  • Haste to flee from these times. (Set yourself apart.)
Photo by Keefe Tay

Do you not know greater evils than what you have already seen will be done hereafter? Daughters of Sion, and all who cling to His Chosen, till the soil of your mind so that you might yet receive and gain understanding of the parables and gain insight into the mysteries of the MOST HIGH, and all His instructions He has reserved for the wise, the righteous, in these Last Days . . .

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Alesia Kozik)

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