Medicine Man Remedies For The Skin



Discovery of these simple Hebraic/Native American and old ways of cures can benefit our lives. Do not complicate the information. Seek the Creator and HIS guidance, and remember to sow the seeds with a clean heart. (As always, refer to the HEBRAIC HEALING category, foreword post: “Healing. Pure. Simple.” if you are new to this site or you just need to refresh.)

  • Skin Trouble: Black Willow
  • Healthy Skin and Pores: Eat plenty Blueberries, Beets, and Purple Cabbage
  • Jaundice: Wild Fruit
  • Burns: Oak Bark
  • Boils: Wild Grapes, Peach Leaves (Poultice)
  • Warts: Milk Weed
  • Hives: Ground Ivy (Tea/Stem and Leaves)
  • Poison Ivy: Rag Weed

May your moccasins make HAPPY tracks in many snows. And may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.

Until Soon!

(Cover Photo by Ron Lach)

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