The Beauty Way For An Angry Bird

The world from its Womb of Sky and Womb of Earth, from its Four Sides and Four Corners, the world is in crisis. Crisis can reveal a lot about a person.  When someone feels as if they are being cornered, controlled, or imposed upon, unto anger, how they react will let you know just what type of spirit and what the character is of the person you are dealing with. The true character of a person is always revealed in a crisis.


When you get angry, do you instantly burst into a fiery rage, lashing out with insults and accusations?  Do you become vengeful and destructive?  How you react when you are angry can be the difference between a quiet storm (remaining calm) and a toxic spill (self explanatory). Anger can cause us to lose our wisdom, even those destined for greatness.

When we operate out of anger, we usually act irrationally and end up saying (or doing) destructive things that can be extremely hurtful to others. As women in a covenant relationship with the Creator, we are to behave with the same “degree of dignity” and kindness whether life at the moment is easy, or difficult for us.  That is not saying we will never get angry. We are all prone to anger, just some of us are prone to it more often than not. Some people just have shorter fuses.

Our anger has consequences. More adequately, we must learn to harness it, to control it, as doing so will greatly improve our relationships with others. While we are walking in beauty and on a path of discernment, someone else is clocking us and being sensitive to our vibes. How we choose to express ourselves (out of our basic personality) will determine our depth of true beauty and our greatness of character, or lack thereof.

There are practical words of advice and scriptural meditations throughout the Two Sticks, the fullness of gospel—Hebrew Bible (Cepher) and the Mayan Bible (PoPol Vuh/Sealed Portion a.k.a. Book of Mormon) that will walk you gracefully through any storm. I encourage you to seek, study and gain knowledge from the complete and final testament of our Mashiach.


Photo by Maddy Freddie

What I wish to share with you is a technique that has additionally aided me in my quest. It takes a lot to get me angry and initially, I did not have much knowledge of how to operate in that mindset or environment. I am a very patient person and have a strong ability to tolerate difficult people and personalities. So, the few times I have been pushed to absolute anger, I did not always have the skills to express myself calmly and effectively.

In my not so distant past, the place of absolute anger was so foreign to me. I did not know how to navigate in it. My body would shake (literally), my voice would quiver and become lost to me, to where I could barely think or speak. Most times I would lose my voice completely, making it very difficult for me to express myself or be understood. Squawking like an angry bird, I only knew to interrupt to be heard, or to aimlessly flap away. Not very good choices.

Today, the world is full of angry people and love is waxing cold. More often than not, I am crossing the paths of miserable, frustrated, and complaining people. (I have heard it said, the real pandemic is Mental Illness.) Thankfully, the Most High has shown me a way (through visualization) to help quiet my spirit. This technique has helped me to remain wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove in all my interactions.

When I am on the receiving end and looking into the face of anger (and with much discernment), I now follow these simple deeds to help me keep my self control.

  • Become quiet.
  • Wait.
  • Listen.
  • Visually, pick a flower. Smell it.
  • Breathe. (Pick another one, repeat.)
  • Continue in silence as “anger” is sounding off.
  • Usher in the Spirit of Peace.
  • Know the Most High Almighty is watching.
  • When it is time, “Speak” only what is necessary, honest, and true.
  • Remember one cannot reason with a fool.
  • Apologize. Ask forgiveness. Give forgiveness.
  • Depart in beauty, always.

I hope these things shared will be a blessing to you as they have been to me.

May you Walk In Beauty, Always

Cover Photo by Liza Summer

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