Immersion. 6th Month. Compassion.

There is pain and lost being felt by so many individuals and families across this earth, right now. People are hurting. People are in pain. Children are suffering. There is much misfortune. Many women, children, and men are crying . . . dying, falling to our right and falling to our left. There is great loss, but know, there will be continuation of life.


What man can quench the fires and put them out? Who can gather the wind in his fists, or bound the waters in a garment? Who can stop a plague, even a sickness, with a sweeping concoction? What man can stop the earth from violently shaking or the fiery volcanoes from throwing up? There is only one NAME on earth I know that has ascended to heaven and come down.

Many are asking “Why, why—WHY?” Oh, Daughters of Sion, we know why and what is to come, for the Most High Almighty Creator has told us so. But not everyone will have ears to hear. Not all are destined to see . . . to understand. Should this cause us to gloat? Should this be cause for us to rejoice? Should we be pointing fingers at the world, saying—“I told you so!?” (I think of Yonah when in Nineveh—Why won’t even we repent?)

We must never forget the afflictions of others. We must remember the teachings of our Creator: “It is not the death of the wicked that I seek, but only that he should turn from his evil ways and live.” The Most High Almighty, Master of War, Master of the Universe retains pity and mercy even in the destruction of wrongdoers.

This month as the high holy days are upon us, may our hearts feed upon COMPASSION for all peoples, all nations, for ALL the children of the earth. Loss and Continuation. Loss and Continuation. We cannot afford to be prideful. When we witness the suffering of another, it should stir up a desire to respond and help. It is easy to answer with wickedness and cast others off into damnation. We must be very careful. We must be COMPASSIONATE.

The true definition of compassion is to suffer together. To Suffer Together. TO SUFFER TOGETHER. As the true Nation of Israel, we have suffered together. We have been the despised of the earth. We know this pain. This month, I encourage you to study the Prayer of Azarias, Chapter1:1-68 (Apocrypha); to speak it and read it out loud, and to pray as you immerse in the waters.

Think on our brothers, Ananias (Shadrach), Misa’el (Meshach), and Azarias who was known as Abednego. I think of how they were bound and suffered together in the fiery pit. Azarias’ prayer is one of the most humbling and beautiful and powerful prayers I have ever recited.

This month may we all remember the lessons of COMPASSION in our own lives and may we continue to gift it to others.


Cover Photo by Zac Trieu

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