Immersion. 5th Month. Honesty.


As I come into my 60th year in the land of the living, I have taken time to sit back and marvel, thanking my ABBA for a most glorious journey of growth, healing and true wealth (my time and my health). I am living my life with authenticity and purpose, and yes, I still have a few challenges ahead. (Always a work.) But, I must admit, I had a thought to linger, perhaps tarry for awhile—to procrastinate, really. I relaxed and kicked my feet up, and sipped on a golden goblet of sparkling thoughts. GET UP! GET UP!

I asked my ABBA, “Of which do you wish me to write—of this or thus?” Not to mention the directives HE had already posed in my heart—SPEAK ON HONESTY. “I’ll get to it,” of course, I thought. At least, I started to, right? Not good enough. GET UP! GET UP!

Last month, I concentrated on APPRECIATION and my senses have been heightened, my heart filled. I crossed some really beautiful paths—Maria, Scott, Adam, and a few un-named souls—YAH bless them all. But I was struck, ignited, and propelled back into action by Honesty, yes, that is her name. A young merrymaking beauty, bubbly and full of life, she was such an encouraging spirit! Thus, from this day forth, with her in mind (and many others like her) for such, I will continue to write. (Thank you, Honesty, so much!)

As an elder in a covenant with the Most High, I am to share and impart knowledge, my life experiences (with all HONESTY), to the younger generations, the Daughters of Zion, and to the daughters of the nations of this world. But as elders, collectively, if we cannot be honest with ourselves, how then can we be useful to the Most High?


HONESTY is representing the truth as far as we are aware of it. Sometimes being HONEST hurts and people do not always like to hear our true thoughts. HONESTY forces us to really look at ourselves, and that is not always fun. Sad, but true, for some it is easier to live a lie.

I’ve always believed the greatest gift you can give someone is to be truthful. HONESTY allows others to make HONEST choices for themselves in any given situation. Now imagine if you told them a lie. You have just falsified their awareness and they (many times, unknowingly) are not choosing rightly for themselves.

To be HONEST means to walk in uprightness, to be honorable in our personal relationships, and to conduct ourselves (in all dealings) with integrity. This month I really commit to incorporating the following principles in my life: (Join me!)

  1. Really work to put off falsehood and speak truthfully when you share your heart.
  2. Little “White Lies” can be the most damaging. Chuck them. (Just look at our world!)
  3. Don’t try to please other people by saying what you think they want to hear.
  4. Own your past mistakes. Repent. Grow past them. Be an HONEST example of a life lesson learned.
  5. Don’t over think it. The person we need to be most HONEST with is ourselves.

Okay, time to go in for the dip! May you have a beautiful month!

(Cover Photo by Terricks Noah)

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