Healing. Pure. Simple.



ALL the information I share in this category is from my own personal experiences. These are tried and true revelations from the Most High, including a collective library of holistic information that has been most beneficial to my health. I am not a medical doctor, or a medicinal herbalist. I am not a Healer, but I can surely point you to the Creator, who is.

Throughout my years and in my world of travels, I have been blessed with knowledge by aboriginal and Afro-Asiatic medicine men. I have crossed the path of some angelic souls (maybe even entertained an angel or two, here and there). I only share and repeat to you what has been given and told to me. Nothing less. Nothing more.

My life is a proven witness. May those who are able to receive, receive.

(Photo by Tope A. Asokere)


My foundation of healing is based on the following three principles: (HaMashiach being the chief cornerstone.)

  1. THE MOST HIGH IS OUR HEALER. THERE IS NO OTHER. (Davariym/Deuteronomy 32:39)

If you eat the wrong foods, medicine cannot help you. If you eat the right and proper foods, you will have no need for medicine. And please know, you can put all the right foods into your body, but it is your spiritual life and existence that really is in question. Food is nothing more than a weapon. It can work for you or against you. Hebraic Healing is a matter of the heart.

Sin breeds sickness, illness and disease. When we are sick, we must be very careful to not operate in a victim mindset by blaming someone or something other than ourselves. We must be accountable and take full responsibility for the darkness that is inside of us, allowing the Most High to search and clean out our hearts.

Physically speaking, mucous, inflammation, and parasitical/bacterial activity promotes disease. Kill the parasites; Kill the disease. And with that, may the healing begin . . .


When a man dies a library dies with him [burns to the ground].

African Proverb

I love this proverb. In this post, I will share treasured (and well used) books in my library that have been of great value to me. I forewarn, these are tattered presentations, but oh so very wabi-sabi. If you have titles you would like to share, please feel free to tell us about them in the comment section.

Indian Culture. Discovery of the Old Ways of Life. By Francis Lambert Whisler (1973)
Wealth of Health. Authentic bread recipes from around the world!
Terribly old, but wonderfully good info! Book is tore’up!
Gifts of holistic knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.
Growing Food. Growing Herbs. Self Sustaining. Solid Knowledge.

Now that my Hebraic Healing foundation is established, I am so looking forward to posting!

Until soon . . .

(Cover Photo by Clement Eastwood)

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