Walk In Peace

THE BEAUTY WAY: We are living in the hotbed of the Last Days. There is a spiritual reality to all the physical deception that is about and around us. Can you see it? No matter how hard you try to deny it, or ignore it, or call it something else, the evidence is in your face. The whole world is in turmoil. If you don’t know why, perhaps now would be a good time to ask.


Of course, I do not have all the answers, I can only repeat what I have learned. For this I know to be true . . . The Most High is pouring out HIS anger upon all the inhabitants of the earth. That is why the birds are falling from the skies and the creatures are dying in the seas and being washed up on the shores, etc. (Read the Scroll of Zephaniah.) The birthing pains are heavy upon us and terribly strong. The crumbling has long ago and well begun. Babylon is falling and will utterly be destroyed. HE comes with fire—the world is about to be transformed. It is past time to check the path you are on.

People of the world are caught up in fear . . . and they are panicking. Evidence of their faith can be seen. They are operating and walking in the spirit of darkness—fear, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, hatred, distrust, deceit, intolerance, hoarding and greed, pride, ignorance and victimization. They are walking backwards, looking for something that never was and the delusion will never exist again. Sadly, they have inherited lies. Make way, for the MOST HIGH’s Kingdom comes.



May you walk in the spirit of the Ruach HaChodesh. (We must be holy for HE is holy.) The evidence of this is: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control. While the world is falling apart all around us, we must walk in faith, and not be moved by what it looks like. It is going to get worst.

In these Last Days our knowledge has increased and the MOST HIGH has uncovered that which was hidden (and stolen) and HE has given us back our truth. The Two Sticks prophecy of the Two Houses (Scroll of Ezekiel: Chapter 37) The House of JUDAH (Judah, Benjamin and Levi) and the House of ISRAEL (The Ten Tribes led by Ephraim), we are now come together as one. We are the Nation of Israel.

For how long have we been a divided people and operating as two separate houses? It is written in our scrolls, our books that are now together as one in the fullness of the gospel. (For your understanding, the “sticks” represent scrolls/books.) I encourage you to study the complete Hebrew Bible and the PoPol Vuh, to understand the fullness and get council. For, the two witnesses are already in the streets, for a Time, Times, and a half Time—our time is drawing short.

HaShatan is warring and vying to take the world down by force, using divisive and herd mentality tactics. He has his own set of two-stick prophecy: Science and Technology. (I need not mention, the CREATOR is Master of the Universe. The secrets of science and technology belong to HIM. Given to HaShatan, for a time, his time is running out.) Just look at the two-stick inoculation. Total confusion (enough said).

In these times of world peril it is so important for us to walk in truth and testimony, love and compassion, in understanding and tolerance, and to exercise our freewill to choose HIS path. The CREATOR does not force anyone to follow HIM. You are a Free Agent. You must choose for yourself. And no one said it will be easy, but I promise you, you will walk in beauty, always.

(Photo by Steez Visualz)


Seek the MOST HIGH CREATOR and know yourself. Know who you are. Know the way you are living your life—the path you are walking. And know what will become of you. (Judge yourself according to the MOST HIGH’s word.)

REPENT. Work out your salvation daily. Daily search your heart in the name of HaMashiach, The Messiah, the Savior, the Christ, the Son of Man, the Son of the MOST HIGH (Christ/Yeshua/Y’shua/Yahusha/Yahushua/Yahuashai) find your intimate prayer language and relationship (but please don’t get caught up!). Righteousness is not a religion. It’s a walk.

GET BAPTIZED. Water Baptism is symbolic of you putting away your old self, that self is dead to you now, and behold all has become new. The newness is the renewing of your mind, daily, in the washing of the waters which is the MOST HIGH’s word. (HIS Commandments and the fullness of the gospel–remember the STICK!)

RECEIVE the Ruach HaChodesh, the Holy Spirit, into your life. She is a gift and all her paths are peace.

WALK The Beauty Way . . . Always seek your CREATOR, HIS Kingdom, and HIS righteousness—first. And be careful to listen to only HIS voice. Study that you may prove everything and don’t get caught-up in the traditions of men.

May you walk in beauty always.


(Cover Photo by u4013u0403u043d (sequence); and 2nd photo by Thuanny Gantuss.)

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