Immersion. 4th Month. Appreciation.

MONTHLY MIKVAH: The true name of the Most High cannot be spoken, it can only be experienced, for there is no word on earth or understanding that can even capture or contain HIM in complete magnificence and holiness. HE has given us many names to express in worship and to confront every affliction of life in this world. But not one of those names is all encompassing of who the Most High truly is.

HE is the lightness in a whisper. HE is the heaviness in a labored breath. HE is the drumming in our heartbeat. HE is the rhythm of our journey and the beauty that we walk. Thus, HaMashiach should be seen and the Most High’s name should be heard in our every expression of life (without ever having to speak).

The ocean is my Mikvah. It takes me from “Tumah” (impurity) to “Taharah” (purity). The water symbolizes HIS Word. True immersion is a purposeful dip into the Most High’s fullness of truth. Thus, Mikvah is all about the immersion of the soul into God’s spoken word.

Is your womb spiritually absent of new life? What have you been carrying inside of you this past month? What opportunities did you fail to fertilize and grow? They are dead now and must be restored. Mikvah restores you to the state of taharah that you may live to your full potential.


It is said that the prerequisite to love is APPRECIATION. APPRECIATION says to someone in passing, “I’m glad I crossed your path.” And to those we are in a relationship with, it says, “I’m glad you are in my life.”

APPRECIATION: To be cherished. Cared about and cared for. To be honored. To be celebrated. To be truly loved.

This month I commit to showing APPRECIATION in every opportunity that presents itself, whether it is to a stranger in passing, or someone I am in a relationship with. Also, I will keep my heart open that I may receive from others who have the heart to appreciate me. Open to give. Open to receive.

Here are just a few non-verbal ways to show APPRECIATION:

  1. Listening deeply (without interrupting).
  2. Speaking honestly and with compassion.
  3. Sharing a gentle and sincere smile, or hug.
  4. Preparing a special meal, or sharing a favorite dish.
  5. Saying thank you, and really meaning it.

I invite you to share more ways and your ideas in the comment section below. Share scriptures, or share an actual experience that can witness to us all. This month may we all hear the Most High’s sacred name being spoken (in our hearts) through every experience we encounter may we let HIS light shine through.

Immerse. Selah

(Cover Photo by Next Chapter Photography)

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