Dance Of The Merrymakers

Jeremiah 31:3-4 . . . The Most High hath appeared unto me, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with loving devotion. Again, I will build you, and you shall be built, O virgin of Yahshar’el (Israel). Again you shall adorn yourself with tambourines and shall go forth in the dance of the merrymakers.

I am merry-hearted and free-spirited. (I was innately born that way.) I have this bubbly, effervescent way about me and my cup runs over with an inward spring of abundant joy. If in my presence, you will usually find me laughing, smiling, loving freely, and forgiving easily. In many ways, I might appear aloof (sometimes, I admit, I am, but I’ll call myself out—hahaha).

I’m like sparkling water, shake me up a bit and it is difficult for me to contain my joyfulness. Like tiny bubbles, terrible interruptions can emerge, I’m quickly off on tangents, especially if I’m trying to speak on those things I am passionate about, the delight of YAH in my life . . . I burst . . . literally, overjoyed. It makes me not the greatest of public speakers or communicators, by far. (I am horrible at it.) There is so much I want to spout in the welling of my heart, I just combust.

But, through writing, I am able to formulate and get the words out, evenly, justly, with purpose, and prayerfully, with understanding. (My writing is visually and musically inclined. I always have music in my head. You hear that? My life is a musical.) You can call me a merrymaker, but I’m not always merrymaking. I know the balance.

I also have a critical spirit within me. While it usually presents itself out of love, it has definitely been a work to tame and dish it (only when necessary) in a proper proportion and way, that others might not get hurt or shamed. Like you, I am a continuous work in progress. In YAHUSHA’s name, PRAISE YAH!


So, what exactly is a merrymaker?

According to, a merrymaker gaily and enthusiastically takes part in the festive and merry celebrations of life. According to the Tanakh, in the spirit of the Most High, merrymaking has its time. Merrymaking has its place. Like with anything in life, it requires balance. We must ALWAYS consider the work of the Most High. We cannot afford to be foolish. Wisdom is our protection.

Merrymakers draw upon an effortless joy and it is sustained through the labors, the sorrows, and the challenges of everyday life. Our joy never ceases. We endure hardships and trials without much complaint, if any. We always see the light of day. It’s like we’re always dancing on the inside. Our joy of YAH is an internal, everlasting well. We’re like a bucket of enthusiasm with a hole in it, dripping springs of joy wherever we go. YAH is our strength.

So you can understand the difference, happiness is temporary, circumstantial (based upon external factors) and that bucket runs dry, often. Merrymakers are not fueled by happiness and that makes it a little harder for people to understand us. (“Ain’t nothing goin’ on here. What are you so happy about?”) The best way I can put it, our joy keeps us strong. Joy gives life meaning and purpose. Joy is our delight.


Merrymakers can be infectious. People love being around us when happiness abounds and life is looking and feeling good. And yeah, we can be a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. Because, life is not always . . . happy. Merrymakers can be a little un-nerving to be around when you find yourself loathing, or just in a dark place and you need some time . . . alone. That’s a good thing. (Time alone with YAH. I encourage it. Get lots of it.)

Often, we are accused of being cold, unfeeling, but that is furthest from the truth. We feel, deeply. Personally, I know I take on the sadness, anger, and hurt of those around me, and the pain of my people (of which I am not isolated from); I just perceive things through the Hand of YAH. Sure, I cry, I scream, I yell, I sigh and groan (joy uninterrupted); but, I am able to find that pinhole of light under a blanket of darkness and YAH has caused me to illuminate the joy, and the hope. So, yeah, I have deep feelings, I just don’t get smothered in them.

(Photo by Kampus Productions)

If you’re sitting in the house of the merrymakers and there is mourning in your house—you’re unwise. (Study, Ecclesiastes 7:1-22. Get the precepts.) And if your heart is filled with indignation, and you’re sitting in the circle of the merrymakers, YAH is trying to talk to you. HE’s trying to get your attention(!). Merrymaking is not meant to have you escape and drown out the callings on your life with booze and a swill of spirits. That’s not joy, that’s foolishness. (When you get done with Ecclesiastes, open up the scrolls and read Jeremiah 15:1-21.)


You’ve heard the saying, There is a fine line between love and hate . . . those are two passions that are neighbors. Well, there is a fine line between a merrymaker and being a jester (a joker, a fool) or a clown. The jester and the clown live on the same block, Clown Alley. Merrymakers can get caught-up in that circus if their heart is in the wrong place. The fine line is timing and conditioning. (What is the condition of your heart?)

The jester dotes a hat with bells and a mock scepter (interesting). Jesters habitually play the fool. Always the fool, trying to make an impression and gain a laugh. The clown is forever putting up a front. A fake smile and a painted-on-face is necessary to mask the sadness of heart. I laugh, you laugh . . . but who has the last laugh? HaShatan.

Actually, I was a class clown in high school. I had mastered sarcasm with a smile (and my smiles were real). But, the condition of my heart was sorely affected by the Mis-education of a Hebrew Child. I was blinded by the great deception of who I truly was . . . am. Today, I’m on a mission from YAH and I’m going to write, say and do, as HE instructs me. And, I’m going to do it merrily, true to my gift.


Shavuot was just upon us. It was a time of celebration, dedication, and dance—the dance of the merrymakers, the dance of the joyful! So, I hope you danced. (I surely did–Praise YAH!) Now, what’s next (for you)? ABBA YAH, as we are reminded in this time of feasting, teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. (Psalms 90:12)

We are living in the days of evil. Babylon is falling (a little over here, a little over there). YAH is slowly breaking it down. (Praise HIM!) There is so much confusion. Man is trying to look like he is in control, like he has it all together. But we know, the men of this world are shaken, sweatin’ it from day to day, chalking it all up to science.

YAH is the Master of science. (HE’s the Creator of the Universe!) Science doesn’t stand on its own foundation. It’s a part of something bigger. You take the Creator out of the picture, it’s bound to crumble.

I mean, just look at the plague of Covid—Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask; don’t mix the vaccines, better to mix the vaccines; (Oh, no!) variants here, variants there—now you need a booster; and, (What’s this?) Black fungus, White fungus . . . vaccination side effects (What side effects?) . . . this cannot be determined.

They are depending on YOU to take the jab so they can figure it all out. It’s science, Boo. I ain’t mad at you. The beauty of it is, we each can choose for ourselves. (Keep “choice” alive!) Do I need to mention the pestilence, natural disasters, and the livid unrest? Or, the stirrings of war all around the world? Governments . . . nations are turning on each other. No? (Oh, you know what time it is.)

(Photo by Cottonbro)

To all my merrymaking mishpacha, in the four corners of the earth, you know the timing, now check the condition of your hearts. We can’t get caught-up in the circus. We’ve got a joyful dance before us! Our Bridegroom is coming . . . just listen to our prophets.

Jeremiah 31:4 . . . Again, I will build you, and you shall be built, O virgin Yahshar’el (Israel). Again you shall adorn yourself with tambourines and shall go forth in the dance of the merrymakers.

Exciting times. Study well!

(Cover Photo by Jack Sparrow)

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