My Hebraic Healing

Deuteronomy 32:39 . . . See now that I, even I, am HE, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of MY hand.

Hebraic Healing is not for the worldly clever or the faint at heart. Hebraic Healing requires faith without a hint of doubt. It’s an all or nothing attitude (I’m going for it; and, If I perish, I perish), knowing you’re doing it all, going through it all for the Glory of YAH. If we could all be so wise to know, to understand, and consider our latter end . . . it begins with first accepting our circumstances and where we are in the present, right now.

What ever kind of healing you have to do, no victim mentalities are allowed. Blaming something or someone keeps you from being accountable. Feeling sad and sorry for yourself, full of that why me woe, only takes the attention away from the Most High and HIS purpose, and then, you know the rest, you have your just reward.

Hebraic Healing covers every sin known to man. The story I’m about to share with you has to do with the sickness of cancer, but the lessons learned can be applied to them all. For, as you well may know, sickness (pain, sorrow, ailments) illnesses and disease are nothing but the results of sin, point blank. That’s all they are. We live in a fallen and rebellious world.

My Story

About five years ago, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in its last stages. After my biopsy, they told me there was pretty much nothing they could do for me; they referred me to an oncologist with plans to schedule an immediate mastectomy, and sent me home. I went home gladly (hadn’t been in a doctor’s office or under one’s care for umpteen years).

I have been an advocate for natural healing most of my adult life and in 2015, my herbalist and I had been secretly trying to find the right mix and balance to promote healing (we were almost there!). But an unfortunate accident in an airport in Italy (a woman ran into me, full force, as she was trying to catch her connecting flight) dislodged my tumor, (blood, ugh, oh yeah) and forced me to seek out immediate medical help. (The tumor grew to the size of a grapefruit and a-half, broke through my skin, was susceptible to gangrene and, who knows what else.)

I was referred to a breast care specialist when I got back stateside; but, let’s just say, after that appointment, I never followed-through with seeing an oncologist, and I never looked back. I went on a serious plant-based regimen, found the right medicinal herbs for my body (Praise YAH!) and miraculously in six months to a year, the tumor shrunk, then dissolved, and I was cured.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in my oncologist’s office—hunh? Yeah, hadn’t been to a doctor since that last run-in. But last year (2020), ironically, after a return trip from Tuscany, I had broken a back molar and since we were in a serious lock-down for covid, I put-off seeing a dentist.

Long story short, I ended up with a bacterial and parasitical infection, high blood pressure, lupus arthritis, a cyst on my pancreas, and a come-back, cancer-fungus in my right breast (which had spread to my lymph nodes and seeped into my lungs). I was a hot mess and felt like one, too. The initial prognosis: Surgery, double mastectomy, rip out the infected lymph nodes and slap a nice boob job across my chest. Conventional medicine. (Ouch! I was not impressed.)

A Walk On Water

Sickness. It affects the body. It affects the mind, the heart. It affects the soul. It affects ALL of our relationships (personal, business, and otherwise)—it affects our very existence and how we get about in the land of the living. Sickness is the effects of sin acting out in our body. Sin requires a tremendous transformation and it takes no less than everything for us to overcome.

Sure, we’d all like to be like Job, on that perfect walk, where when YAH allows HaShatan to mess with us and test us, we would not fail in our trust. We’d be secure in knowing it was not brought upon us for our own wrongdoings but purposed to show us approved by YAH. Wellllll . . . more than likely (and let’s just make it by default) we are sick because of something we have done in our past and/or present life. (I’m just sayin’.)

When sickness shows up (or shows out in our members) our minds, our bodies, it means there is darkness, demonic activity within, and many times we have to dig deep to uncover it. If it is not readily apparent, it is probably deeply rooted and secretly hidden, even from ourselves.

(What darkness in my heart had I overlooked?) Whew, I found a few good and plenty, some heavy stuff. YAH had to call things to mind in my dream state. I remember waking up once, thinking Where did that come from? But, I went through the pain and overcame the difficulties, revealing to those I had wrought against, seizing bad habits, correcting my ignorance in actions and deeds, gaining wisdom, forgiving and cleaning my heart out; then, turning away from the sin, completely. It’s a process and it takes time. When you’re sick, sometimes you’ve got lots of time to think.

Now, let me just quickly interject—If you’re immediately calling to mind things like what you should or shouldn’t have eaten, your diet . . . what you drank . . . no doubt, these things do have an added effect on the inflection of illness . . . but, while what we eat and drink attributes to our health, good or bad, these things are NOT the cause of illness. Only our sin does that.

YAH has given us foods for medicine and for every illness an herb to cure it. But these foods and herbs are not healers. Think of them more like weapons that can be used to aid in our healing. The right ones help us heal and get/stay strong; and, the wrong ones can become an added culprit in taking us down. Sink or swim, the root cause of sickness is . . . S-I-N. Hebraic Healing is a walk on water: It’s spiritual. It’s accountability. It’s obedience. It requires us to humble ourselves.

Back To My Story

From August 2020 – December 2020 I lost a sickly amount of weight, my breast turned into a mushroom of fungus, and I had a hefty tumor under my right pit. Lost use of that arm, and my blood pressure was (dangerously) all over the place. I went on a strict regimen of diet and herbs that (so I thought) healed me before, but I wasn’t seeing immediate results. I was in excruciating pain, physically weak and confused out of my mind.

I admit, the most difficult part of this journey was surrendering my will to YAH in the way of conventional medicine. I had promised my children I would do the doctor thang, but even more, I knew YAH required my obedience, to trust HIM and to go whenever and wherever HE said go. HE WAS IN CONTROL. (Now, why would the Most High want to send me some place HE knew I didn’t want to go?) HE had a plan. HE always has a plan. I just needed to believe, be obedient and listen to the word of HIS voice.

At first, I tried to swindle and did a little side-step to an iridologist that had me feeling more like I was seeing a witch-doctor. After her reading, I felt I had every hex of ill upon me. That woman had me scurrred. (I heard YAH laughing.) It was just too much. I was totally overwhelmed. My daughter immediately made an appointment with the community health department (’cause she knew I never would). Praise YAH for my daughter. She was the pivotal, the determining factor, the wiser vessel . . . my little matriarch, my Pretty, who got the ball rolling. I would not be here without her and the undying support of my sons.

It took a couple of visits and lots of encouragement to go through the program, the full physical and all the tests. While I was found to be clear and free of all the witchy rantings, the only thing that stood out was my cancerous breast. By going through the health department I qualified for an insurance program that would pay 100% of all my care, from that day forth. This miraculous blessing was orchestrated by a nurse practitioner (no man on earth could have planned and timed it better) who I am so thankful for. YAH knows what HE’s doing. HE just needed me to be obedient (and the blessings didn’t stop there!).

From the health department, I was referred to a surgeon at the hospital and went through a series of tests, scans, and biopsies, which at that point, I developed a respect for conventional medicine in the area of diagnosis. At least, I knew exactly what I would be fighting in the physical and how the darkness was having its affect on me. While their prognosis I was not a big fan of (remember, double mastectomy, lymph node strip, etc.), I remained humbled and thankful for all of YAH’s possibilities.

I trusted YAH and remained obedient in whatever HE deemed necessary. I was immediately put on meds for high blood pressure (I took it and thanked YAH). When I met my oncologist, I loved his spirit (and liked him even better–hahaha). Don’t get mad—you know I didn’t want to go to that appointment, but YAH did what HE knew would keep me coming back. (Thank YAH!)

Next, I was put on an estrogen-block pill (I took it and thanked YAH). I wasn’t a candidate for the surgery (Praise YAH!) I was so happy! It was determined if they cut on me my skin would not heal. (Not such a good thing, but hey, all good in my world.) As for the lupus arthritis, I put off seeing the specialist and focused on healing from the cancer.

My oncologist fully supported me in my holistic medicinal approach. (YAH chose the right one!) I was supposed to start a chemo pill in February, but the insurance was going around in circles and sending us through a number of swinging doors, unnecessary ruckus that could only be explained by nothing other than—YAH was in control. By the time the Most High’s new year presented itself, near end of March, miraculous changes in my body became noticeable and the healing was taking front event.

The Power Of YAH

This has been a most beautiful experience, the paths I’ve crossed and the people I have come to meet . . . the kindness, thoughtfulness, and blessings from even strangers. When I thought I could not have greater faith, YAH has surprised me through and through. HE has taught me to walk again in a greater truth! I praise YAH for HIS mercy and grace.

What I love most is seeing how HE works with, in and through people. Seeing my oncologist, raising his hands and his voice up to the heavens, proclaiming the miracle (and then immediately collecting himself as a professional—hahaha). To see YAH demonstrate HIS power that HIS name might be proclaimed through all the earth—that’s what I’m talking about!! I realized, it’s not about me. It was time to think about others. He can use anyone and anything to bring about his good. But to be used by HIM is . . . wow, I have no words. Just give me that clean heart so I can continue to serve.

Now, mind you, I was exposed to some demons, too. There were lessons of discernment, to remain watchful and to keep abreast, to stay sharp and aware of the spirits around me, because there were those who were aiming to harm me and take me down. There were a couple of unbelievable situations (like, I can’t believe that person just did that!) but every incident was held fast and brought into the light. It’s something to see when a dark spirit cowers and bows before the Most High. But, HaShatan doesn’t let up easily, if at all . . .

It wasn’t until a deathly experience through what should have been a simple procedure, did I hit a wall, loss my footing. The fluid in my right lung needed to be drained and tested and this procedure was being performed by an unfavorable doctor who I recently had a negative experience with. Apparently, the nurses in his department knew just how he operated, and I had an inkling, but lacked the boldness to protect myself and request another. That day, I was feeling the best I had since this journey began. I remember telling the nurses, and then after the fail, I remember crying out to YAH—just get me back to that best day feeling.

The procedure had gone wrong and they were ill prepared for an emergency (“This has never happened!” they exclaimed). The memory is a blur, but I know I was feeling so horrible, in so much pain, and there was so much confusion, to just make it back to that best day feeling was good enough for me. In seconds, I had plunged so far from the gates of growing health, to a place I couldn’t imagine ever healing.

I questioned if I had the strength to get better. I had reached my breaking point. I cried out to YAH—“I CAN’T TAKE ‘NO’ MORE!” I kept trying to fight through it, to get back . . . but when I really think about it . . . back to where? I learned my lesson. Never again.

Healing Is Not A Walk Backwards

When the room whited-out, and I was just seeing stars and shadows, just floating, I asked YAH if this was it for me. Was this the end of my life? HE answered, “I AM WITH YOU.” And I asked again, if this was it, if it was my time to go. And, HE said again, “I AM WITH YOU.” I realized that was all I needed to hear. I fell into a peaceable state as the urgency of frantic voices and erratic movement circled all about me.

In Hebraic Healing, we are not trying to get back to a place we once were, to a physical existence, or a life we once lived, or back to a feeling, per se, we once knew. Hebraic Healing is a journey to new heights, greater faith, and a new existence, where physically we might not always be the same as we once were. Should a physical imperfection exist, would we say we have not been healed? Should we get about in an altered way or strength, do we yet say we have not been healed? If we die in the pursuit of healing, do we then fail? I think not.

It is a part of our growth, life-death-life, a part of our continuum. and if we perish, we perish. If you know who you are, how you live your life, you will be wise in your understanding and you will not fear death; you will not fear the journey into the unknown. My sentiments: Use me and deliver me; or, just use me all up and take me home. But let me be used by you, Most High for YOUR glory.

I spent the next week at home, just basking in His truth, tidying up my heart with peace. My house was already in order, as Passover was upon us, and my relationships were all good. Each day I could, I would sit under the tabernacle of the sun and soak up that good vitamin D. I did not question what HE had next, what HIS plan was for me. I knew I was going to show up, the best I could each and every day, no matter how things looked and no matter how I felt. As long as the breath of life (YAH-U-WAH) was in me. Onward. Breathe.

Stranger still, I began craving things like chili dogs, hamburgers, cheesecake (totally wild)–and within statutes, I didn’t put up a fight. I wasn’t giving up, it’s just that YAH told me HE could heal me with a bowl of frosted flakes if HE so desired. Besides, HE was just showing me, teaching me a lesson, that when it comes to healing, HE ONLY is the power, and HE ONLY is due the glory.


So, like I said, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting there talking to my oncologist and he asked me if I attributed the progressive and miraculous changes in my body to the estrogen pill they prescribed, or my natural healing regimen. I paused and thought over the last seven months . . .

The mushroom fungus in my breast is gone, the blisters are healed. The growth under my arm is nearly, completely dissolved and the lymph nodes are operating properly, no longer swollen and toxins are being removed. I have nearly full use and range of my right hand and arm, and the lupus arthritis—what lupus arthritis? (Get my point?) I’ve gained weight and I’m holding strong. My energy is amazing. Additionally, I’m off the prescribed blood pressure meds and using a friendlier, natural way of support.

In my first recovery from cancer, I gave the glory to the medicinal herbs, the food I was eating, my herbalist, and oh yeah, threw up a few duces to YAH. I had healed secretly and didn’t even include my family or friends in the journey, until I thought it necessary; I didn’t understand their hurt or feelings of being left out. It was all about me. I couldn’t see past myself. I wanted to be strong on my own. I didn’t want to need anybody andI didn’t want to disrupt my children’s lives or rock the boat. I’ve learned, life isn’t meant for us to go it alone. Had to let go of that ego. Through the joys and the sorrows of life, we all need each other. It is all for HIS glory.

Oh look and see what YAH has done. Witness the miracles so that you too may believe and trust on your own. What ever healing you are seeking, YAH has a plan. He can use any thing and any body to bring about HIS good. Don’t ever limit HIM . . .

So, that’s My Hebraic Healing. Oh yeah, and my reply (to my oncologist) . . .

I am healed by . . . the MOST HIGH YAH, alone. In Yahusha HaMashiach’s name.” It is DONE. FINISHED.

Deuteronomy 32:39

See now that I, even I, am HE, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of MY hand.

(Photo by Cottonbro)

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