HALAK! Walk It Out


Each and every year the world dresses up, nails HaMashiach to the graven image of a cross, makes a longsuffering sermon out of a few scriptures, say’s he is risen and our sins are forgiven, and then it sits on a dozen of decorated eggs dipped in dye, puts an empty basket in a child’s hand and tells them to go and gather up all the lies . . . . Now find the truth in that. My people have inherited lies.


It is easy to carry that same “religious” ignorance into our Passover and feast celebrations. You know how we do, scrupulously preparing our homes, dressing up, pouring over the story of the plagues and the history of our first Exodus, how the Most High YAH saved us with his own hand; we’re eating our meal in haste, and prayerfully somewhere in there we’re acknowledging that HaMashiach is our passover lamb, and then falling into feasting on unleavened bread for the next seven days . . . yeah.

It’s so easy to get captivated, caught-up in cultural traditions while our hearts are far from the Most High. The reality is, the second Exodus is on the way. Our KING is coming back! When we bring into remembrance the memorials of Elohim, as he commanded us to do, it is important that we don’t get stuck back there “in it”. Between Passover-week, Crucifixion and Resurrection, we should be greatly propelled, looking forward to what is yet nigh, and working out our salvation daily WITH TREMBLING and FEAR!


Either way you slice it, if you’re munching on Easter eggs or snacking on Unleavened bread . . . It all looks good. It’s fun. We full. We tired. Day over. We done. Then we slump back into our everyday lives (and only YOU know what that really looks like). YAH sees it, too. Oh yes, girl, he knows. He knows our story (better than we know our own). He knows all about our truth.

Three questions that I ask myself each day (along with the “10 Words” I recall in my spirit): Number One. Who am I? (Know who you are.); Number Two. How am I living my life? (How do you spend your time each day?); and, Number Three. What will become of me? (If HaMashiach returned today, what would happen to you?)


So, Yahshural, while we are cleaning out our homes and getting the leaven out of our kitchens in the physical, in the spiritual we should be deep cleaning our lives getting toxicity, vicious habits and sin far, far from us—praying (crying out!) to the Most High, scraping the depths of our hearts, every crevice, crack and corner, asking him to search and clean us up, as we work tirelessly on humbling ourselves and getting rid of all that UGLY ego and pride—day in, day out. Halak! Sister girls, it’s a walk.


I invite you to spend some time with our dear brother Esdras (Ezra). Once I caught hold of the vision in his scroll in the Apocrypha (2 Esdras, Chapter 7) about the “narrow path” . . . it really helped me to understand the trembling brother Shaul (and Timothy) was talking about in Philippians 2:12. But, before you read 2nd Esdras for yourself (don’t just read it, study the book) gather in your mind, right now, how you picture the path to be. What does it look like to you? (Pre-study and understanding, I had a giddy picture of me and all my mishpacha skipping joyfully, together, through a very narrow strait—wrong!)

Let me just tell you now . . . it’s a tight rope, and no one is beside you and you’re by yourself (save the Ruach HaKodesh). You’re walking between the fires of hell and high water, and you can easily slip. But if you keep your eyes on who you follow . . . YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH . . . by the grace of the Most High . . . by the skin of your teeth . . . prayerfully, you’ll make it to the broad opening . . . But, yeah, girl; only “HE” knows if you will make it in.


We are reminded in Colossians 2:16-17, that we are not to judge one another (or debate). I am only here to encourage you, how ever you’re being led by the Most High, and in his ways. In your studies and pondering, if you should find yourself confused and off-course in your journey . . . do not bewilder yourself. Do not be discouraged. Seek the Most High and call on his name. He has illuminated the path for all of us. Just remember to . . . stay in the light.

And, Study Well!

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