FLOWER GIRLS: The Seeds of Light

If you want to learn to love, plant a seed and grow a flower.  If you want to learn to trust, plant a seed and grow a fruit-bearing tree, then eat of its promise.  If you want to learn to be a blessing to all peoples and all nations, try planting a fruit and vegetable garden and from these crops, give a portion freely to the world, even unto the birds, the beasts, and the creeping things.

Man (Adam) is closely related to the Earth (Adamah), and agriculture is a divine ability that was bestowed upon us to work the land and till the soil to produce crops, for the ground was made cursed by YAH.  (Agriculture includes raising livestock and farming.) Okay, I know, not everybody was cut-out with a “green thumb” BUT it is through agriculture that we learn lessons of truth and love and what it takes to grow loving and lasting relationships.

Agriculture is a science and an art. It involves time (a lot of time), nurturing and pruning (feeding, protecting and cutting away), and caring for (giving your divine attention to) something, or even someone . . . . People are as unique and complex as the seeds of the plant kingdom. (In other words, you can’t grow an orchid like you grow a sunflower.) But who has the time (or the patience) to cultivate a relationship of any kind, much less, a garden, these days?

Well, anyone and everyone who has a place (or has been placed) in your life is worth your time and effort. You have been purposed. And, it is the conditions of our relationships that give evidence to how much time we’ve given to learning about what we are actually trying to grow. For starts, you have to know just exactly what you are wanting, desiring to grow and what kind of seed you got to work with.

One thing about agriculture, what you reap is what you sow. It’s brutally honest. Like I said, not all seeds are made alike. Each is unique, regardless of what family it belongs to. To grow any plant, to grow any garden, to grow any thing, we must be knowledgeable. We must be present. We must be committed. (Don’t I know it! This summer I tried to grow one of those “get by” gardens—sun was too hot, didn’t feel like watering it, wasn’t always home. Hmmmm . . . just getting by doesn’t cut it.)

This goes for every relationship we foster, from the greatest (our most intimate relationship with the Holy One) to the least of them. It takes desire, strength, and dedicaton . . . time and patience. It’s a work. And, yes, sometimes we must toil.

May I remind you, Yahshural (Israel) remained agricultural throughout ancient and biblical times. HaMashiach used agriculture in his parables to teach us, and agriculture is used symbolically throughout the sacred texts to show us the purposes of the Most High. So you see, for those of us in a covenant relationship with the Creator, there are laws, regulations, decrees and instructions to follow (and happily so). These things require all of our heart. These things require all of our soul. We must be attentive . . . if we want to grow in our personal and most intimate relationships. 

Enter, the Flower Girls. Like I said, there are so many different kinds of seeds in the plant kingdom. Now, my best friend, Yah-oni, let’s take her, for example. She has journeyed with me throughout my entire adult life. Sometimes we have been in step, sometimes we have been out of step, but we have always committed to a path of friendship that has defied all odds.

You see, Yah-oni’s an orchid; I’m a sunflower. Sunflowers are tough, love full sun and grow pretty much in any kind of soil. Orchids love moisture and require all kinds of little extras like peat moss and fir. (Hahaha, sounds just like her.) We are awkwardly, even laughingly, two very different kinds of seeds belonging to the very same Kingdom. But we have learned to grow together in our commonality, and have learned to appreciate one another and respect our differences.

Through these thirty-plus years of knowing each other, we have been vulnerable, accentuating our strengths and exposing (and working on) our weaknesses. We’ve forged through growth spurts, supported and encouraged one another through life experiences and untimely changes, and we’ve always kept each other on path. Surprisingly, we have spent more of our friendship physically apart, than together. (She is firmly planted on the West Coast and I, in the South-East.) How on earth have we survived?

In agricultural terms, we both have had to get down on our knees. We both have had to get dirty, tilling and working the soil of our friendship, giving each other the right balance of sun and water, respectively; feeding each other the proper nutrients to keep us growing strong, and allowing for proper drainage, forgiving and just letting go of things that really don’t matter.

Through seasons and years, it has required sometimes painful pruning and cutting back, weeding, cutting away thistles and thorns. We’ve weathered storms, and have had to shield and protect our friendship from the mites and worms . . . you get the picture? It has been a beautiful work. But, there is something greater still . . .

Yah-oni and I . . . we are both Flower Girls. While we are uniquely. discriminately ourselves, and more importantly, we are Seeds of Light. Seeds of Light are those who walk with promise, those who look forward to the calling of the Bridegroom, and those who live their lives so as to finish the contest and obtain eternal life. Our friendship is not without purpose. Every relationship must have purpose if it’s going to survive.

So, we’re back to where we started: If you want to learn to love, plant a seed and grow a flower.  If you want to learn to trust, plant a seed and grow a fruit-bearing tree, then eat of its promise.  If you want to learn to be a blessing to all peoples and all nations, try planting a fruit and vegetable garden . . . be that Seed of Light. AND DO IT WITH PURPOSE!

Flower Girls . . . We hold the key to the world’s destiny.

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