The Ghost Of A Dance

(A Letter from a Daughter of The Two Sticks)

Dearest Esau,

Unto Edom, even unto the acursed of Gehazi: It is not that I hate you, my brother . . . it’s just that I am tired . . . tired of your ways.  The Earth is tired . . . the Heavens are tired . . . Even the gentile nations that have groveled before you all of their days . . . just to gain prominence . . . that you may chance to look their way—they, even they tire of you.

Remember when the whole world wanted to be just like you?

To walk like you (most haughtily); to talk like you (most pridefully); to look like you (most mightily); and, to wear the clothes that you deemed “civilized” . . . remember? You waved the wield, the power of your sword, over the lands, over the whole of the Earth, as if it were created for thine own. And, the world prostrated itself before you.

For shame!  The nations, their faces have become pale now, and they die. too.  Know not that you were given a blessing and not power to do as you please?  My brother, you were given responsibility. For, a true civilization, its greatness, is measured by how man relates to the Creator, to his fellow man, and to his environment, the Earth. (You have ignored all three.)

You ask to become great, again? True greatness you have never known. Your blessing was your responsibility to share Eternal Truth, to protect and speak for all those who cannot speak for themselves, even the birds, animals, fish and trees.  Know not that we all breathe the same air?  You came. You seized. And, you commanded. You put your foot upon my neck, even the footprint of the world.

In my fall, in my transgression against the Most High, where were you, my brother? Did you offer me a hand up?

No! Devouring as a locust and blinding as a blizzard in a winter sky, you stripped away the skin, the flesh and broke the heart of my people leaving us a scatter of dry bones across the Earth. You rebel in this and fashion truth–-the seed, the promise—after your own image and sinister plight. (But, this was prophesized to be.)

You told me to be civilized. You implored me to, for my sake. You taught me to forget myself and the Most High allowed the memory of me to be erased. But now, I have awakened and I see your civilization.  I do not want it for myself. Now, my people are all sick, lost and disturbed . . . the whole world is sore . . . the whole world lies in wickedness, but I know I am of YAH.

When I showed you respect, did you act with respect in return?  When I showed you love, did you act with love in return?  You boast that your God is love.  What do you know of your God? You know only the lies you have spread across this Earth. (Your missionaries have been no more than mercenaries, even unto this day.)

You came to these choice lands with the Greed of Gehazi in your heart. You conquered and you set yourself as Lord (Baal) above all. You brought with you the world deceiver and made him appear as the “Son of God,” and his “name” you raised above the Most High.  What is this name that the whole world does bade as sovereign?  What is that name you call upon?

Tell us how this name gives honor to the Greek god, Zeus, the god of war (—and war you did!) every time it is set upon a tongue. Tell us how “he” is a Greek hellenization of the true Mashiach (YAHUSHA) and how Greek name endings with “sus”, “seus”, and “sous” were attached to names and geographical areas as means to give honor to their supreme deity. Oh, tell us about your God!

Tell us how the etymology of the word Jesus comes from the Latin and how Jesus means Earth Pig: Je = Ge= Earth and Sus = Pig. Tell us how this world deceiver has worked many signs and wonders and the world has been delivered into his hands.  He has done unholy things, wherein have not been since the world began. See how the nations are exasperated?  They have baptized their souls in the water of darkness. Awaken world!

Woe to those who live in error. Many have and will continue to follow after you, save the knowing and the wise . . . the remnant of my people, and those—the peoples, the nations who take hold of the skirts, touch upon the hem, the fringes and choose to abide.

As for me, I am filled up to my neck drinking your lukewarm water (and the aforementioned was just a drop!). Even I, I desire to spew you out of my mouth.  You walk backwards into your own darkness and misery. I will not follow! Esau, I have hated . . . the things that you have done . . . but I will not hate you, my brother . . . I love you, even still.

Thus says YAHUAH of Armies: “In those days, ten men will take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, they will take hold of the skirt of him who is a Hebrew, saying, ‘We will go with you, for we have heard that YAH is with you.'”


Are not those days already, yet nigh?

Won’t you just stop all this scurrying about, trying to make more false amends and last-ditch reparations. These things do not matter to me anymore. You are too late. Your time is up. You stir up the dust and tear down your house with your own hands . . . as you turn on your own people—the world watches and waits for you to destroy yourself . . . from the inside-out.

Don’t you see, the blessing has passed from you? It is time for you to be silent . . . and repent. (I know, I have heard enough.) I refuse to get caught-up and entangled in all your misgivings, the imposing pandemic (It’s a plague, one of twelve to come!), the economic capsizing, the political scapegoating and the civil unrest you, yourself have devised.

Oh, United States of Hypocrisy, dare not tell the world what this conflict is really all about? Too prideful to swallow your sword? Indeed, these are great matters and it is difficult to explain here and to anyone, except for the unshakeabe ones.

We are in the Last Season.  We must all prepare to be judged. Wherefore, will you go with me, my brother?

Remember how you once asked me that very same question, an ancient time ago? Remember when we were in the field before the Jordan . . . and I prostrated myself before you, even seven times . . . and you ran to meet me . . . fell upon my neck . . . we embraced . . . and then, we wept? (Do you remember?)

Why do you act now as if you have been forced to drink from the waters of forgetfulness? Will you choose to remain profane and godless? Woe to the godless people who hold fast to what will never happen!

See me. I am here, my brother. You can hide me, no longer. One day, the world will see me without my shame . . . and it will mourn when it realizes who the true Hebrews are . . . and the true Messiah, and what they, themselves have done.

See me, see me now. I am here, my brother. I am in the Ghost of the Dance. And still, we dance.

With Love,

From a Daughter of The Two Sticks, Tannaim (One day soon, we will be bound together and become one!)

And He said unto Abram: ‘Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge; and afterward shall they come out with great substance.’

BERESHIT (Genesis)  15:13-14

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