The Quarantine Fire

What exciting and challenging times we are living in!  The world has been silenced.  “The Machine” has shut down, world markets are unstable, and the economy has stopped cranking, as nations are struggling.  Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, their doors are all closed . . . the outside entertainment world has been slowed to a halt, and people are shutting themselves in.  Perhaps, the Most High has your un-divided attention. 

If you’ve chosen to get comfortable in a chair and sit in front of a big screen to binge watch your time away, think again. Look outdoors. Look inside of yourself. This is your reality and true life is playing out.  You need to be present. The stage has been set.

If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the Kingdom.

Codex II, pages 37-38, Nag Hammadi, Saying No. 27 (The Gospel of Thomas)

Okay, I get it.  Right now, you’re probably concerned about your safety, and rightly so.  Lawlessness is increasing, sickness and disease, fear—you name it.  Of course, we all want to be safe. Maybe you’ve got it all together. You’ve got money stashed, an ultimate healthcare and protection plan, a “safe-place” for yourself and your family, and a way of escape. But know, you are not safe because of your distance from all of the danger; you are safe because of your proximity to the Most High, YAH.

Now is the time to draw nigh to the Creator, as his true New Year takes hold.  We can never be too close.  With no where to go, no where to run, and no where to hide, surely the Most High has you right where he wants you at this moment in time.  Prayerfully, your eyes are on him.  Come now, let us take a fast from this world.

With the country clubs of sports and religion on a hiatus, it is a great time to return to the Master of the Universe and commune with him.  While a life of service (for a great cause) involves a “team” effort, your relationship with the Creator is intimate and personal, “one-on-one”—it involves nobody but you.

Whosoever does not know self does not know anything.

Codex II, page 138, Nag Hammadi (The Book of Thomas)

In the words of the Son of Man, the Child of Humanity, HaMashiach, now would be a good time to examine yourself: 

Examine yourself and understand

Who you are

How you live

And what will become of you


So, how do we examine ourselves?  Well, we hold ourselves up to YAH’s truth (not our own). For the sake of example and to help you see the process, I am going to share one of my own personal experiences in the area of honoring YAH’s appointed New Year.

Did you know, there are just over 25 completely different “New Year’s” celebrated each year around the world?  But the true New Year of the Most High is hardly ever mentioned or made known to us. 

For many years, as part of my journey, I worshipped in a synagogue, my shul.  I raised my children to honor Shabbat.  No need to throw the baby out with the bath water, but for many years we celebrated the New Year (Rosh HaShanna) as Jews do, during Autumn.  I had also adhered to January (as many Christians do) as to not offend anyone. I served them both. Torah Flash: Both are an offense to the Most High.

(According to the Mishnah, Jews established four different beginnings “to provide boundaries and markers for their activities,” and the timing appointed by YAH for the true New Year, they reserve only for kings and high authorities to honor.)

A person cannot mount two horses or bend two bows, and a servant cannot serve two masters.  The servant would respect one and offend the other.

Codex II, pages 40 – 41, Nag Hammadi, Saying No. 47 (The Gospel of Thomas)

Who was I?  At that time, I identified as a Messianic Jew.  How did I live?  I honored Shabbat (and continue to) and followed the mandates of the Jewish religion.  What happened to me?  I studied and grew.  I began spending more time studying and meditating (just me and YAH) to understand why I do what I do (and I continue in this, unto this day).  It changed me.  YAH has changed me.


For those of us in a covenant relationship with the Most High, we know we serve a JEALOUS GOD.  We are accountable for our every action.  When in ignorance, that’s one thing, but when our eyes are opened to the truth, we are responsible for doing what we know is right by our Creator, regardless of the world, the doctrines, and the traditions of men.

“Rosh HaShanna” or the New Year, according to Exodus (Shemot) 12:2, is during Spring, and it is to be the beginning of our months, the first month of the year for those of us who honor and serve the God of Israel (YAHsharal).  This month was originally called Abib, and later re-named Nisan. So, why is the Most High’s appointed time so important?

It is chief and principal of all beginnings for it signifies rebirth, new beginnings, our freedom from slavery.  It is his perfected and appointed timing. In Egypt, the Hebrews were following the calendar of their captor’s New Year which happened to be celebrated in September.  In our last dispersion (America) we did the same (i.e., January).

Additionally, connected to this appointed timing, there is the importance of Passover (Pesach) for the suffering and death of our Saviour and redemption by him.  Y’shua HaMashiach is our Paschal Lamb.  He is our rebirth.  He is our salvation.  In him, we are free.

Now, of course, you’re not going to get all your answers from one line of scripture.  It is precept upon precept, a little here, a little there.  You must study the divine writings and sacred texts, including what was lost and hidden from us.  And once you come face to face with the truth, you must choose.  You will either do what YAH says, or you will find any excuse not to.


There is a saying in the Nag Hammadi which I love, spoken by our Saviour:  His disciples had asked, “Who are you to say these things to us?” . . . and he answered:

You do not know who I am from what I say to you.  Instead, you have become like the Jews:  either they love the tree and hate its fruit, or they love the fruit and hate the tree.

Codex II, pages 39 – 40, Nag Hammadi, Saying No. 43 (The Gospel of Thomas)

Haven’t we all been like that at some time or other?  Not listening to what YAH says, his statutes?  As for the two religions that profess the God of Israel . . . in a generalization, Christiandom loves the Christ, the Saviour, but hates the commandments, the Torah; and Judaism loves the commands, the Torah, but hates the testimony of HaMashiach, the Christ, the Saviour. Think on John (Yochanon) 14:15 . . . Exodus (Shemot) 20:8 . . .

Ahh, it’s truly a matrix.  To seek out truth takes great patience.  It’s all about who you are called out to be.  If you worship the God of Israel, we are to be a set-apart people.  But if we get caught-up in worldly religions and fail to develop our personal relationship with the Most High, we’ll find ourselves professing one thing and doing another. 

Here is the patience of The Holy Ones, those who keep the commands of God and the faith of Y’shua HaMashiach.

Revelation (Chizayon) 14:12


So yeah, back to the quarantine.  If you’re sitting there . . . in your chair (lukewarm and comfortable) . . . waiting on YAH to see things your way . . . well, the evidence of your ways is playing out, right now, throughout the world and inside your home. Read the fine print: The Most High does not force anyone to follow him.

He’s not going to force you to study or to grow. He’ll let you sit there, all comfy, while you warm your hands over a fiery pit.  Right now, the Creator of the Universe is trying to get your attention. The fire is real: You can heed his call, get on fire and seek truth, now; or, you can ignore it all, jump into the fiery pit, and burn, later.

The Most High leaves no question as to what will become of us.  He spells out the blessings and cursings (Whew! Don’t we know it!) and makes known the ending of the wheat and the tares.  We’re all in the mix.

Perhaps, people think that I have come to bring peace to the world.  They do not know that I have come to bring conflict to the earth:  fire, sword, war . . .

Codex II, pages 35-36, Saying No. 16 (The Gospel of Thomas)


Easter (Ashtar/Ashtareth), you know, the God of Fertility, with the bunnies and all the colorful eggs, her day is right around the corner, as well.  Will you seek to worship (and “re-legion”) with the masses to supposively honor the Most High alongside a false god?

Further more, Easter (Ashtar) is trying to steal YAH’s glory, even at this very moment. America has set her as the “mark”, the projected date for when the quarantine, the virus, and all the politics and “madness” from this pandemic (plague) will be under “control” (?) so life can return to “normal” (?) . . .

I AM YAH: That is my name, and my glory I will not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

Isaiah (Yesha Yahu) 42:8

If you serve the God of America and the traditions of men, so be it. (Woe to you who have not learned.)  If you confess the God of Israel, God of the Universe, The Most High . . . Count it all joy! YAH is a jealous God. YAH is always in control. May the praise of another god never touch our lips.


Shana Tovah!

11 thoughts on “The Quarantine Fire

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  1. The Quarantine Fire. Love it. I want so much from Yah. It was speaking to me and it has touched my heart so deeply.

  2. The Quarantine Fire. Love it. I want so much from Yah. It was speaking to me and it has touched my heart so deeply.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Debra. You have been such an encouragement to me. Just as “iron sharpens iron” we help each other grow. Much love!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Ena. This life path . . . in our walk, each day we must choose to stay in the light. I thank you for your encouragement. May you be well in all things.

  3. Very well written achot! I praise Yah for everyone awakening to His truth. Keep writing & blowing the trumpet! Kol HaKavod from Israel! Shana Tova…the Kingdom awaits.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Barry! All Honor and Glory to The Most High! I am also thankful to hear many of the lessons and studies you have been sharing with the mishpachah around the world! Could you be so kind to post a link to your site that others who seek may find you? March on achi in the “Tikkun Olam”!! Todah Rabah!

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