Kees, Kas, Kose!

We live in a world where everyone seems to be nice—whether you are at work, out shopping, going in and out of stores, eating out at restaurants, or frequenting public functions and events—for the most part, everyone seems nice.  There is a general standard of acceptable behavior, business etiquette, and might I say, an air of politeness (forced, as it may be) of gestures and greetings that welcome us and send us on our way as we traverse through this life.

But don’t you know, there is something bubbling beneath the surface of every one you encounter.  If you are wise and know how to discern, you can easily see what’s percolating on top. 

You see, each of us has our own inborn personality. Now, how we choose to act within that basic structure of our personality (whether we will be righteous, evil or other) is all up to us.  When you’re able to discern a situation or entity, it’s not necessarily judging someone, but more like, reading their aura, the spirit they are entertaining, and seeing their true character and sincerity.

According to our ancient Hebrew sages, a person’s true nature is (not just can be—but “IS”) exposed through three things:  Ready for this?  Money.  Drink.  Anger.  (In Hebrew, Kees, Kass, Kose!)  Yep, indeed, to get past the “tall-tales” and to the truth of a person, a little dolla’, swig, or holla’, will reveal, in conversation, everything you need to help you see past a smoke-screen, a “still life”(social media) happy pic—or should I say, the “niceties” of a person.


When a person talks about money . . . if a person is always talking about money, either the lack of it (how they have to get more of it) or the excess (all the costs and ways they’re spending it) . . . if a person’s main objective, everything they do, or everything they relate to has money as its “end note” . . .  (You starting to feel me?) . . . You don’t have to “have money” in order to express greed.  If the subject of money dominates most of a person’s conversations, the god of mammon (god of riches) is at reign and in full effect.

The truth is, whoever loves money never has enough.  Whoever loves wealth will never be satisfied with their income.  Greed is like gird, an acid reflex; the subject of money, it’ll never stop coming up.

First the man takes a drink; then the drink takes a drink; then the drink takes the man.

Japanese Proverb


A lot of people drink to have “fun” and relax, ease stress, bury their sorrows.  Why?  Well, it’s no secret, drinking lets down our inhibitions, that’s why people do it.  And, when you’ve had too much to drink, you won’t care who’s looking at you or who’s listening.  When a person drinks themselves into drunkenness, the truth spills out.  (In pours the wine, out pours the secrets.)

When someone is drunk, they are giving you insight into their true character, without fail.  Yeah . . . they probably will say (when they sober up) that they didn’t mean a thing they said, or use the scapegoat of not remembering anything that was said at all.  The important thing is that you are wise enough to remember and discern, accordingly.  Not too much more you can do with that.


Oh, what a crisis can reveal about a person.  When someone is cornered, between that good ol’ rock and a hard place, and they are being imposed upon . . . unto anger, how they react will let you know just what type of spirit and what the character is of the person you are dealing with.

For example, when they get angry, do they instantly burst into a fiery rage, lashing out with insults and accusations?  Do they become vengeful and destructive?  Whatever they do, know that the true character of a person is always revealed in a crisis.  How a person reacts when they are angry can be the difference between you dealing with a quiet storm and a toxic spill (someone remaining calm or dipping like the “Dow”).  Discern well.

As women in a covenant relationship with the Most High, we are to behave with the same “degree of dignity” and kindness whether life at the moment is easy, or difficult for us.  How we choose to express ourselves (out of our basic personality) will determine our depth of true beauty and our greatness of character, or lack thereof. 

When we renew our mind daily in truth, clean house, tidying up our “inner” and “outer” man (making sure they are in agreement), it helps us to keep ourselves in check, because guess what, while we’re on the path to discernment, someone else is clocking us and being sensitive to our vibes, too. 

As it is written, may you be wise (discerning) as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

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