Knocking Out Mineral Deficiency


In an earlier post, I talked about how food is our medicine—but it comes with a one-two-punch: We need to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals. Minerals are “The Currency of Life”, and major amounts, as well as traces of minerals, can be found in the mixture of plants, animal tissue, salts, and clay.

The reality of our present-day world is painfully evident; many earthly minerals and metals can no longer be found (significantly enough)
in our food supply. Mineral deficiency leads to physical, emotional and social problems, illness and disease, which affects us all.

The earth’s soil is anemic. Our lands are in distress. There is a honey bee crisis deemed “Colony Collapse Disorder” and not only crops and animals are threatened, but think even on the flowers (and the beauty of our world!). I need not remind you of the fires and destruction still ablaze. The Most High said it would be. (Look to the minor prophets in the Tanakh and other Sacred Texts.)


A global food shortage is upon us. While genetic engineering can produce the crops we need to feed us, it will not sustain us because it cannot replace or replenish the divine, God-given mineral and metallic values of soil and rock, respectively. Besides, man is always believing he can solve the problems of this world on his own, without YAH’s intervention.

It is a humanistic thought and noted on that man can survive on bread and water, even rice and potatoes for a time (all are packed with nutrition) but eventually problems are bound to arise. ANYTHING the Most High is excluded from, in guidance and sole reverence, WILL FAIL

Man has failed to heed the Most High’s statutes and has ignored the land sabbaths. He has “leached and depleted” the soil in the name of greed. Interesting to know, it was George Washington Carver (born a slave) who knew the secrets of increasing mineral nutrition and production in soil, as well as rotating crops—but, as it goes for the good ol’ “American” way, it was too messy, too smelly, and too time consuming; so, a quick fix of “chemicals and convenience” have aided in leading us to our present existence of sickness and disease, birth defects, learning deficits and criminal behavior.

We must assert ourselves and be proactive. Of course, everyone is free to make their own decision, but a diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats (consumed, sparingly) is the base of health around the world. Avoid non-foods like tobacco, alcohol, and harmful drugs. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals would be wise.

Of greater note, the Hebrews have been given basic dietary laws that can be found in Genesis (Bereshit), Leviticus (Vayikra), and Deuteronomy (Devarim) for health and longevity. Not surprisingly, many of our conquerors throughout the ages have attempted to force us to abandon our food laws through torture, slavery, and death. Today, it is our own ignorance that defeats us.


If we look to the American medical system for warranty of health, we are in grave danger. Hospitals are “hazardous”, medical care is “dangerous”, and the American dietary food chart is “laughable”. While this may all seem frustrating to you, we must be fierce and not let these realities of deceit box us in.

Blessed are you who know beforehand about what may entrap you, and who flee what is alien to you.
The Book of Thomas, Chapter 9:2, Nag Hammadi Codex II, tractate 7 (Ancient Manuscripts discovered in the Nile River)

So, what’s the one-two-punch?

Right Hook: Divine Guidance. Educate yourself and your family in the ways of diet and gain proper nutrition through supplementation.
Left Hook: Be Obedient. Be aware and stay on guard. Understand foods, vitamins and minerals, their purpose, their balance, and how they will affect you.

And, for the Knockout: Divine Protection.

Ecclesiastes (Kohelet) 12:13, 14.

I’m going to let YAH throw that punch and you can read it for yourself. It’s a KNOCKOUT!

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