Praying On The Down Low

Okay, time for a visualization. Imagine yourself in a “situation”. You see yourself . . . praying. Maybe your hands are humbly pressed together, touching in an upward stance, or maybe they are clasped, feverishly in a tight fist; you are down, on both knees (or you could be sprawled—you’ve thrown yourself face-down, prostrating upon the ground) . . .

Either way, you are down, low, before your ABBA, giving obeisance and pleading to the Most High.

Obviously, there is something you want. There is something you need and the Most High wants to answer your prayers. You know, he already knows exactly what you want—your every desire. He knows what you need. And, he knows your motivation, your deepest, most intimate yearning, your reasoning, all the “why’s” behind it all.

Maybe, in your situation, you’re cornered or pinned against a wall and the enemy is upon you and you’re crying out—YAH! Save Me!—because, at some point in your life, you have come to realize that he is the only one who can help you. (And, you’re so right!)


But, I caution you, he is no genie in the sky. He’s not a superhero, or some wielding magician. I mean, we know this, but that doesn’t stop us from treating him that way. When we do, when we’re looking for that quick fix, it is not the true ABBA, YAH, we are calling upon, we are only talking to a “finite concept of God”, and you don’t need me to tell you, talk is cheap.

Our true heavenly ABBA loves us infinitely, but he’s not some earthly billion-dollar-daddy ready to serve up and hand over our every want and need on a silver platter, just because we so beckon; if he did, we’d be terribly spoiled and horribly irresponsible, with great expectations for even our most senseless whims.

Torah Flash: Life is about growth. If YAH gave us everything, just for asking, life would be easy AND WE WOULD NOT GROW!!


Let’s rewind and re-evaluate ourselves. Let’s go back: before you even got down on your knees . . . before you even pray, know what it is you truly want. Before you go before ABBA in prayer, with every prayer, be prepared—YAH is going to teach you something important about yourself.

Did you catch that? With everything you ask of him, YAH will require something of you.

This truth is bound to rattle the souls of those who might have been ignoring the Most High, even denying him, not appreciating or even acknowledging all he has done in their lives, up to this point.

You see . . . The Most High, the Infinite, the Creator, who can alter “the course of existence” just to answer your prayer . . . it would be wise to stay in touch with him and appreciate. (Actually, being in touch and continuously in his presence is the greatest pleasure of all!)

He is always teaching us. A good habit to develop, when you go to him in prayer, never fail to ask, “What do you require of me, ABBA?” (And have the heart to do it!) The Most High will move mountains for us. We must be willing to “move”‘ for him.


You have to work for what you want. Prayer is not an escape route. It takes effort and responsibility. Prayer is our opportunity to truly grow, so be careful what you ask for. Make sure, in the asking, it is something you truly want to accomplish. Make sure you are willing to sacrifice for it. And, make sure it is worth the price.

With every answered prayer comes new challenges, new lessons. It doesn’t always sound like fun, but that’s life. If you are serious about your personal relationship with your ABBA, you will anticipate his help and listen to his lessons. Nothing he does is by accident, even at the risk of being misused, he will answer our prayers.

There is true beauty in having free-will and making choices. We are not robots! Our every prayer allows us to “refine and affirm” what we want in life. Our every prayer helps us to grow and mature. So, after you’ve prayed on the down, low, get ready to get up and get to work!

Once we become aware of this reality, that our prayers will require greatness from us, only then will we experience true and limitless joy in all of our asking—without complaint. So the next time you pray, always expect the good from YAH and remember to GIVE YOUR BEST!

Work it, girl!

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