The Glass Slipper

When you think about it, there is nothing hidden under the sun, nothing. The Most High sees all, knows all. He knows our every thought. We speak our thoughts into existence (so choose wisely!) and then we act upon them. Everything done in darkness comes to light. That which is done in the light—hey, shine on! And, YAH not only sees all, but he sees through us all, as well. He knows our every motivation.

When you live your life for the Most High, it’s kind of like walking in shoes made of glass. Our ways and our paths are never hidden from him. We’re transparent. It takes confidence to walk in a shoe like this, but our confidence is not in ourselves, it is in our Abba, and our savior (Y’shua) Ha Maschiach shows us the way and “keeps us on our toes”, so-to-speak.

When you walk in a pair of glass slippers, it’s beautiful and uplifting, all-revealing, you’re sparkling-bright and floating from glory to glory, like a ballerina—the shoe is fitted “perfected-ly“, and just right. When it doesn’t fit, whether it’s too loose to too tight, it’s time to take pause . . . because the slipper won’t fit properly, unless you’re walking in his light. (We can’t walk upright stumbling all the time, now can we?)

Welcome to the Ball

Recently, in this age of no-privacy (as if there ever truly was), my devices and personal accounts were compromised. I don’t know why it would be a surprise to me. I have been hacked before and followed in ways not many would appreciate. I live very simply and other than my websites and business accounts, I “don’t do” social media, nada. But still, somehow, I am attached to a remote network of “something-or-others” who continue to find my computer bouts and/or phone conversations interesting (or just easy to compromise).

“Sometimes life’s a joke. Sometimes the joke is ‘you’.”

My youngest son (smile)

Alas, the Destroyer is always busy and working at his craft. So, right now, I’m the joke, and somewhere in this matrix, little ions of dark matter are laughing at me. Well, laugh on. YAH has the last laugh.

You see, while hackers are tracking me, my devices, my finances, and who knows what else, YAH is watching and tracking us all. (No, no, not like he’s waiting for us to mess up; more like, he’s waiting for us to wake up, look up, and realize that life is no good without him. After all, Ha Mashiach came to save the world.)

At first, their ever-presence was unnerving, but now I actually welcome them. Okay, this is a “Tanna” moment that people who know me can appreciate: I have this wild dream that some day my hackers will come into the truth and be saved! (I know, I know.)

Photo by Markus Spiske on

I was reminded by a dear friend that even though we are spiritual beings and we are having a physical experience, there must be balance between them both. We must be smart. (Being that he is an IT Architect, okay.) Technologically (how do you say that, again?) speaking, I have not been smart. My devices were not operating with the proper armor. Got it. Still working on it. But, let me jump back into the spiritual, for a minute.

A Stroke of Judgment

I tend to think of a hacker as some advance crypto in the upper eshelon of the techi realm (and that very well might be) but the truth is, while yeah, they might be a couple of notches high up in their craft, those who are not using it for the good are advancing deeper into darkness and their own lives are being hacked, by Ha Shatan.

Ha Shatan is the number one hacker of life! He’s never an original, always a carnal copy. He can only take what YAH has already created and pervert it. That’s it, sans creativity. Ha Shatan can not create anything on his own, ever, and he needs covert appeal–everything must be done in the dark because he’s a thief! Bondage, my hackers are in bondage. Imagine, a gifted hacker coming into the light and creating something for the good and for the benefit of all. (I’m just saying.)

You’re probably wondering what this whole experience has to do with glass slippers. Well, it caused me to ask myself, “Who am I hiding from?” For all I know, my hacker could be one of my neighbors, or the original owner of this computer device before it got refurbed—or both. Who knows. Only YAH. It is something I don’t have to worry about. YAH is the Creator. He separates darkness from light, and I was in desperate need of that separation.

When I realized I was being hacked, I felt like Cinderella when she lost her glass slipper, running away and disappearing into the moonlight. (My Shoe!) So, why didn’t she just go back and get it?

If I may interrupt myself . . . I’ll tell you why: she was trying to hide, to hide her own truth. She felt like a fake. She felt like a counterfeit, like she didn’t deserve what she was portraying to be. If you think about it, she was only being her self—just all dressed up! But, deep inside, she wanted them to believe she was a princess (by their standards), and if she ran back, she would have surely been judged and chastened by their standards—by the standards of man. Besides (geez), if she ran back and got her shoe, it would have ruined the whole story! (Writer’s perspective, clearly.)

Where was I, again? . . . oh yes, half shoeless and running off into the dark . . .


Besides the basic rights of decency and respect of privacy, did I have something to hide? By now, they have figured out (after maxing out my credit—that was easy) I’m not some billion-dollar babe sitting in front of a computer screen typing up “verbal smoothies” all day, sippin’ on ‘gin and juice’ and nibblin’ on cheese crackers and dainty-cakes (hahaha). No, I work, I write, I stay away from sugar, I don’t drink, but yeah: My Abba owns EVERYTHING. He is Infinite and he is my resource: He is my life.

Maybe, just maybe, when things like this happen to us, we’re more afraid that people will see us for who we really are. Just like Cinderella. And if that’s the case, is that so bad? It shouldn’t be.

Today our *computers, phones, and all of those speaker devices hold the wealth of who we are. They are like “virtual fingerprints” and little “moose tracks” (ahh, used to love that ice cream!) collecting files and tabs of our fetishes, our likes, our dis-likes, and all things closest to our hearts. If you have something to hide, then surely, in this day and age, you’re bound to run into some problems. Torah Flash! It’s a waste of time to go through life fearing man.

And then it dawned on me . . . are we really more concerned about what a hacker sees or hears, or what the Most High sees and hears? Hmmm . . . good one, I know. I had to be reminded of what my thoughts, my words and my actions were saying to the Holy One above. That’s what matters most. How could I be so foolish to feel so threatened by man, when YAH sees us as we truly are, every second, every minute, every hour of every day of our lives?!

The Glass House Effect

Find the balance. Set yourself in an imaginary glass room; strip yourself of all your earthly titles, religious titles, and worldly possessions; clothes, undergarments, jewelry, make-up, other accessories, and all attachés’ (weaves, wigs, lashes, nails, etc.) and enhancements. Now squat your naked butt down on a glass comove. This quickly puts us all in the same place. We are all unworthy. (Now, who are you hiding from?)

YAH knows our thoughts. Our thoughts are like little monkeys swinging from branch to branch, scurrying in, out and around our mind’s maze. Everything’s a quiet mess up there. Our minds must be renewed daily. Everything’s private (or so it seems) until you latch onto that “something” that “needs” or “wants” to get out . . . to be said.

YAH knows our words before we even speak them. Our words are fluid. They can pour from our mouths with dizzying effect, before disappearing down an open drain, into the hollow, into the dark of a virtuously, bottomless pit. Heard once and gone for good. Can’t ever take them back.

YAH knows what we will do even before we do it. Our actions speak louder than words. While nothing needs to be said when we act, once our words are acted upon, the effect will be understood in one way or another, and the evidence of our thoughts will be seen (as if heard) loud and clear.

A healthy fear and reverence of the Most High is our only protection. Nothing of darkness shall prevail, and if it does, we need to look at ourselves and make sure we are in line with YAH’s statutes and commandments, and operating in his spirit. When we are out of line, don’t you know those glass slippers can really start to hurt! Enter, Ha Shatan.

It is a given, Ha Shatan (and his angels of darkness) will come up against you, get all up in your face and try to withstand. He’s too quick to offer up a counterfeit. He’ll slip you a pair of “ruby reds”, have you clicking your heels and lost on some wide-open path, paying homage to some wizard (or, worse yet, tied up in a pair of red dancing shoes that never stop dancing!) Oh, no!! Look out! Flying monkeys?! (Girl, you better grab your glass slipper and run!)

It is our responsibility to make sure we’re walking on-path and properly girded with all armor in tact and our minds in check.

So you see, I was dancing at the ball, lost my confidence, wasn’t properly girded, and I forgot to trust YAH. I panicked and darted for the door, my glass slipper slipped off while I was in flight. But no worries, got my shoe back, got myself right, and all is restored.

How’d I get my shoe back, you ask? (Hahahah!) I ran back and got that! Ran right back into my Abba’s arms, to safety. You see, the message is to run to him, not away from him. We only find ourselves running away when we have something to hide. He chastens us to get our attention. It is a good thing. It is up to us to judge ourselves, allowing him to correct us, and it is all done in love. Right now, we have free will. But one day, all them free will choices we made . . . we will be judged. (Are you hearin’ me?)

. . . “But Abraham said, ‘If they won’t listen to Moses and the prophets, they won’t be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.’” (Luke 16:31) Do you know that parable? Drop everything and read Luke 16:19-31 . . . The Parable of Lazarus and the Beggar. It’s beautiful. Brings everything home.

Photo by Wellington Cunha on

To all the ladies who live their life in glass slippers, don’t forget to polish-up your glass house. It helps to keep you honest. Keep your heart open and keep it real; make sure the inner and the outer man, the spiritual and the physical, are in proper balance and in agreement. We serve the ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING Creator, the Most High.

And, to the “hacketeers” (almost forgot about you guys) well, I love you all. (And, thanks for helping me get through this post, even though it took some time–smile.) May you learn to walk in glass slippers and live life in a glass house, and if you took the time to read this feature, may you be blinded by the LIGHT, in a good way, of course, like Paul. (Hahaha. . . I hear God laughing.)

*Ladies—A MUST READ! Follow the link below and be smart!

A Word from AARP for EVERYBODY!

Thank you for reading! May you Seek YAH, Follow Ha Mashiach, and Operate, always, in spirit and in truth. Shalom!

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