Meet ‘Mother’ Clove

When you think of the Herbal Kingdom that Yah has created for our health and benefit, you cannot deny the power and simplicity and beauty of all he has blessed us with. But, we are so good at complicating things, trying to improve on what has already been perfected. Sometimes, the most effective healing agent can be so simple and right at our fingertips.

I really try to enjoy things in, or closest to, their natural state. (i.e., if I want some orange juice, I eat or squeeze the juice out of an orange.) I’ve carried this practice over to my skin and hair care regimen, and thankfully so. Recently, I discovered the beauty components of the clove. (Please Note: Clove is safe when used in its natural context.)

‘Mother’ Clove (as I have tagged her) is the queen (and king) of germicidal agents. She is the most POWERFUL, in that regard. She is a mighty anti-microbial agent, as well. She travels through the bloodstream killing microscopic parasites AND their larvae AND their eggs. (She’s the only herb that can conquer all three!) It goes without mentioning (but I’m going to anyway), cloves destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, Candida, scabies (and other parasites), cholera, malaria (and more things I can’t even pronounce, like Staphylococcus). . . I mean really, she is a bountiful healer! On her own, she is tremendously powerful, but with a kick of cayenne pepper (or black walnut)—whoo!

I have gotten into the habit of concocting my own recipes for Chai Tea (which I love!) and parasite cleanses (still perfecting that), and clove is an important ingredient and better part of both of those recipes. So the other day, I thought, perhaps if I take some clove and rub it into my skin . . . no sooner than I thought it, I did it.

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Dry Cleaning

Summer . . . beaded, sweaty foreheads and noses . . . I had been suffering from a hot, humid and sticky summer of blocked pores. Mother clove boasts so many great healing attributes, I figured I’d take some clove (right out of my spice cabinet) and apply it directly to my skin.

I began rubbing and massaging it into my face with the tips of my fingers. Initially it seemed to just disappear into my skin, so I added more and continued to rub. It was an amazing feeling. I began to feel little underground pimple nodes loosen and release their grit, oil and ‘what-nots’ . . . my face, I could feel it began to . . . breathe! I kept wiping my hands with a dry cloth and continued to work through my skin (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, ears . . .) and then, I rubbed more into my shoulders and neck. The smell of clove alone is pleasing and calming, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Loose Me

I decided to sleep on it, and just wiped the excess away with a dry cloth. I didn’t wash my face until the next morning, mind you. Most of it had disappeared into my pores anyway, and really I’m naturally the color of ground clove—so I was enjoying the little added essence of color that it seemed to gift me. When I woke up, my face/nose was ‘sooooo’ oily (!), like it had cried a river, loosed a dam. I thought—oh no, is this going to flow all day?—I mean, it was that bad.

I did notice, however, my skin was a lot smoother. As I ran my fingers over it, it surely wasn’t the ‘rocky road’ I was used to. There were no noticeable open pits on my nose or underground bumps on my forehead. And, aside from the oily appearance, my face was actually s-m-o-o-t-h-e-r!! So, I washed it, rinsed it off and blotted it dry. A dab of olive oil for my moisturizer, and after that I didn’t think too much more on it. Really, my last thought before I went about my day and faced the world was, hey, look at that kick of brightness in my skin!

Can I Get A Witness!

A couple of days later, my friend Kim, (a stunning beauty!) complimented me on my make-up. At first, I was kind of confused because I really don’t wear a lot of make-up or foundation. She just beamed of how I was just “glowing!” I’m like, really? (Not readily putting the the clove-act in its place.) When I did get home, I caught myself in the mirror (Heyyy) yeah . . . I see it! I am glowing. My skin is breathing. Seriously, I could really feel and see the difference!

Today, I am working clove into my facial cleansing routine. Of course, I had to share with you all, as I have come into more amazing graces of this plant. Clove is ‘a must’ in my Chai Tea, a kick-butt parasite destroyer, and now, new to me, a deep cleaning agent that’s all the glow! So, in case you didn’t know her . . . allow me to introduce you to her myself:

Meet ‘Mother’ Clove . . .

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And may she be as good to you, as she is to me.

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  1. Just a bit of caution, if a person has sensitive skin they may want to try the clove on the inside of their arm near the wrist area. Clove can be a bit strong. (Remember Tea Tree Oil, inside joke). Thank you for your holistic tips, I too love going as natural as possible (minus my MK foundation).

    1. Yes!! Advice well served from an essential oil expert–and well taken! Ladies—I have ‘tough’ skin and can take tea tree oil straight on, without a carrier oil. I tend to forget, for the more delicate skin types, please take caution! Thank you so much YvonYah!

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