Who Are You?

A simple question . . . but undeniably powerful. And you are the only person in the world who can truly answer that question. Only you have the answer.

You’re not going to find it by peering at your passport or scrolling through pictures of yourself on a social media page. You’re not going to find it by looking at yourself in a mirror. The answer is crucial to your life and existence.

There is NOTHING more important than discovering who you really are. There is nothing more rewarding than living your authentic self. And, there is no one more qualified than YOU to invest in yourself and find out.

The Game of 3’s

We are never as we first appear to be. Our packaging can be very deceptive. Underneath a masquerade of hair, heavy make-up, lashes, jewelry, body enhancers, clothes, etc., there can be a very weary woman inside.

There are three possible persuasions we can see ourselves in. The first two are quite extreme:

  1. INFLATED EGO—that’s the show-off who thinks the world of herself and always starts her sentences with the big “I”. She is full of grandeur doting on her inborn talents, status, and circumstances. She requires a lot of attention, actually, she demands it, because she needs to be noticed. She puts on a show wherever she goes. She aims for fame, clout—and the edge on everything. In fact, she is the woman who looks like she has everything, but tragically very little of substance.
  2. NEGATIVE COMPLEX: This is the woman who feels she has no worth, whatsoever. She believes in nothing, even though she professes to have faith in something, or other. She walks like a victim and is quick to hide herself away. She’s always ‘too’ something—too ugly, too fat, too sick, too scared, etc. Like gossip, her words are empty. She has a slavery mentality. She is a major-league of problems and can’t see opportunities, even if they’re thrown in her face. Sadly, like the first generation of Israelites that left Egypt, her unbelief (and disobedience) keeps her barred from greater promise.
  3. HUMBLE ONE: This is a woman who realizes all that she has achieved in life is through actualizing her inner potential. She honors the gifts and talents her Creator has endowed to her. She is a craftswoman. She uses her talents as tools and attends to growing herself, spiritually. She is modest and goes about her business without a lot of fanfare, harnessing all her inner talents to do what the Most High has called her to do. She has clarity and grows herself, daily. She stays in the center of expertise. She knows her priorities. She never exhausts or wastes her energy trying to prove herself to somebody else. She understands that mistakes are correctable. This is the woman who falls down and knows how to get back up.

Whew . . . okay. Let’s take a breather for a moment . . .

I have been every one of these women at some point in my life. But I also have learned you must admit something exists before you can even confront it successfully and make a change. Today, I know who I am. And most importantly, I know who I belong to.

We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. There is security and viability in knowing who we are. Through elaborate self examination wouldn’t you contemplate investing time, money and effort into yourself? No one else in this world is suited to live your life. Only you can do that. You are, in a sense, a world unto yourself. What a tragedy it would be to miss out on discovering who you truly are, your uniqueness and abilities and splendor!

The Evaluation

“There are two types of women a man can marry . . . A woman who knows herself and a woman who needs to.”—Unknown

Ask yourself, “Who Am I?” and be truthful. But understand, there are three possible evaluations that will define how you see yourself:

  1. What you think about yourself.
  2. What Ha Shatan thinks about you.
  3. What the Most High thinks about you.

The Most High knows you. He knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You are his creation. He has great plans for you. Your life has been purposed by him. Seeing yourself through his eyes will make ALL the difference in your life. (Warning: You will have to renew your mind and commit to change.)

The Path to Self-Investment

  • Seek a relationship with the Most High. Find out who you are in him. He will guide you when you feel discouraged or lost.
  • Understand your strengths and know your weaknesses. Build on them and improve.
  • Read. Get educated. Grow yourself. Have a life-long love affair with learning. Learn something new each day.
  • Take care of yourself. Recharge. Rejuvenate. Take a break. Vacation away or in your own backyard.
  • Plan tomorrow’s victories. Every woman should have a goal of some sort for herself.
  • Find a mentor or a coach to help you as you navigate your new successes. Be selective.
  • Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with people who build on, rather than damage, your spiritual growth.
  • Get your personal business in order. Ignoring an illness, a financial strain, or a marriage problem will not dissolve it.
  • Be a blessing to others. Actualize your talents. Share your life. Share your story.
  • Set boundaries and respect them. Learning to say ‘no’ is just as important as saying ‘yes’.
  • Your conversation reveals a lot about you. (Enough said.)
  • Be thankful for what you already have (‘Happiness Now’ in effect!) NOT just for what you intend to have.

Your role and mission in life is to become WHO YOU ARE rather than somebody else. Only through introspection can you realize your true and top-notch self. And, only then will you derive for yourself a complete answer to a burning question that will never go away.

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