10 Ways to Ruin a Relationship–ANY Relationship!

I don’t imagine anyone would intentionally set out to ruin a good thing, but as humans, we do have a tendency to ruin things without even realizing it. Our relationships with others, be it family, or friends, is a direct reflection of our relationship with the Most High. (Even to the degree of how we treat strangers.) If your relations on earth are broken and in ill repair, that is a clear sign that your relationship with your Creator (the most important one of all) is in dire need of your attention.

I am going to present the ten ways to break down a relationship in practical, laymen’s terms first, for easier understanding. And then, prepare to dig a little deeper. Please Note: I used the foundation of marriage because it defines our intimate relationship with the Most High.

10 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage:

  1. Fall in love with somebody else. Make something or someone more important than your spouse.
  2. Stop talking to the person you are married to. Don’t consult or inquire of them.
  3. Make life choices that don’t include your spouse.
  4. Act like you belong to someone else. Commune and spend more time with people other than your spouse.
  5. Open up the confines of your marriage–be with anyone you want and do whatever you want, while still being married.
  6. Take advantage of your spouse and treat them with disdain.
  7. Ignore your spouse.
  8. Place your trust in something or someone else outside of your marriage.
  9. Live in the moment without worries of consequence, and make no plans for the future of your marriage or family.
  10. Wrecklessly twerk your oath and the terms of commitment to your spouse.

Eye-opening, isn’t it? But, before we attempt to fix a broken relationship in the earthly realm, we need to seek the Most High and realize what we have done to break our relation with our Creator in the spiritual realm.

A Few Quid Pro Quos

We all have free-will. Free-will is from Yah. He does not force anyone to follow him, and he never will. And, we must follow suit as we deal with our earthly relations.

You cannot force another person to love you, to be with you, to believe as you believe, or to treat you the way you want to be treated. You cannot change another person. You cannot change anyone but yourself. And, you cannot stop a person from leaving a marriage, or any other relationship, no matter how hard you try. You can choose to love, but again, you cannot force anyone to love you.

I like to say, “bring peace to a relationship” . . . The peace you find will be unique to your situation. Just because a relation has been or needs to be severed, it doesn’t mean it has to linger on in brokeness. I am a witness to this. There are hidden riches in taking what is broken and allowing Yah to make it anew in a totally different light (or to end it in peace, all together). But, that’s another topic. Let’s get back to what’s at hand . . .

A Relationship in Ruins

In the Scroll of ZephanYahu (The Book of Zephaniah) which means Yahuah has (Hidden/Concealed) Treasure, if you study it, you will know, without question:

  • Every problem Yah has with his people (and how he’s going deal with his people),
  • Every problem Yah has with the people that have hurt his people, and what he intends to do about it, and
  • His plan for the restoration of his people.

(If we don’t know what we are doing wrong, we will never be open to correction.) I am now going to present the list previously cited. It is the same list, just re-worded to show the direct correlation of our personal relationship with Yah, and how we can mess that up.

10 Ways to Ruin Our Relationship with The Most High

(ZephanYahu 1:4-12)

  1. IDOLATRY. Make someone or something more important to you than Yah.
  2. LACK OF PRAYER AND INTIMACY. Stop talking and spending time with Yah.
  3. CIVIL LEADERS/RULERS DEVIATION FROM YAH. Continue to follow leaders that follow the ways of the world.
  5. LOSS OF BELIEF IN LITERAL JUDGEMENT. Just don’t believe that you will be judged–ever.

(ZephanYahu 3:1-7)

  1. DIRTY OPPRESSION. Take advantage of your own people and spread filth upon other nations.
  2. IGNORE YAH’S VOICE AND COMMANDS. Refuse his correction.
  3. NO LONGER PUT YOUR TRUST IN YAH. Place your trust in economy, prosperity, and not his provisions.
  4. OVER INDULGE. Fail to invest in the hope and future of your children or your people.
  5. NOT CAREFUL WITH YAH’S WORD. Profane and do violence to the law.

Get It Together

Yah owns Earth. “IT IS ALL MINE,” says Yah. The Most High owns everything. So many people have a problem with this; that’s why they think they can side-swipe his statutes and principles and make their own rules to live by, and conduct their lives the way they see fit. So many people are avoiding the Most High at every turn. They actually make it a point to do this, on purpose. What is even more tragic, so many believe that Yah will neither do good nor evil (ZephanYahu 1:12). Torah Flash: Yah ain’t Playin’.

There will be a Day of Reckoning

It’s time to dig deep and get intimate with your Creator. If you’ve found yourself anywhere on this list; if your relations are all out of wack and not in peaceful standing, now is the time to seriously look at yourself, those relations, and usher in healing.

Please Note: In ZephanYahu 2:1-15, you will find the problems that Yah has with other nations, how they have hurt his people, and how he plans to deal with them. I will not address them here, but encourage you to study and approve it on your own. Judgement is coming. He is going to deal with us, his people, his hidden treasure, first, so I am following suit with that precedence in mind.

From Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia . . .

How is Yah going to deal with you? Well, that’s up to you, whether you accept his correction or not. In ZephanYahu 3:8-20, you will find the Most High’s promise of restoration (and it’s glorious!). What can you do to correct yourself? You will find the answer in ZephanYahu 2:1-3. And, most importantly, what are you going to do about your broken relationships?

. . . Seek Yah, all you humble in the earth, who have observed his law; Seek justice, seek humility; perhaps you will be sheltered during the day of his anger.

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