MEDI-SIN: A Hard Pill to Swallow

Most things seem insignificant until you know what they mean. I thought to play a little on words here (you might have noticed by the title), but hang with me. It gets interesting.

Let’s break down the word medicine. MEDI (Maximally Efficient Dose Interval). CINE (large group, uncountable). Medicine: Maximum Efficient Dose Intervals for the Masses. Medicine is a science and a practice. It is the hope of mankind that this practice will one day be perfected. But for now, they are just practicing their craft.

Before I expound any further, let me just say that drug therapy and surgical technology have no doubt provided the world with miracles and greater hope of existence. So many lives have been saved and the world has been relieved of much suffering. However, in this article I am focusing more on prevention and well-being.

The Great Escape

The effects of sin has devastated the human existence. We are not what we were created to be. We live in a fallen world. We live in a medicated society. Most people are walking around lost, broken and in some sort of pain. Most likely, the first thing we reach for when we are in pain is a bottle of medicine. According to, there are a total of 11,926 drugs in circulation. (You can find the breakdown on their website. I encourage you to visit

Every misgiving in our life is rooted in sin, somewhere, whether directly or indirectly. Because of sin, there is illness, disease, generational curses, etc. Sin is the ultimate act of disrespecting ourselves. It affects our relationship with our Creator. It affects our relationship with others. Sin separates us from the Most High. It ages us. It makes us sick. It destroys our bodies. It kills us. There is a price to be paid for ignoring this human condition. Torah flash: Wrath is real. Wrath means you will suffer the consequences of your choices.

If you’re already living under the covenant of the Most High, you know it’s a narrow path. Of course, the moment we step outside of his covering we fall into our own iniquity. We open ourselves up to a world of lawlessness (which is sin).

Laws are meant for people who break them. If you’re on a path of lawlessness, walking in sin, eventually you’re going to need some sort of intervention. That’s where medicine comes in (and my play on words, i.e., MEDI-SIN). Medi-sin allows us to continue in sin and treats only the sin-toms. It treats the bad effects of our choices, so we can keep on making them. It has no future. Many times we reach for it first because we know not what else to do.

There is Purpose in Pain

I know, we don’t want to feel pain . . . but Yah uses pain to get our attention. Often times he is slow to remove our pain, so he can help us to see our own wrongdoing . . . help us to see that we are hurting ourselves. We are so quick to blame him (Why is the Most High doing this to me?!–but he’s really not). We are doing it to ourselves. The old adage is, if you don’t feel your pain, you never really have to address that there is a deeper problem.

The Art of Sinning

Sin is entertaining. It causes a lot of drama. (We tend to love drama.) Some people use drama to keep their lives interesting. Sin can swipe us through life like a credit card with no limits–enjoy now, pay later. And it is more than evident that the masses don’t mind indulging. We like to kind-of toy with sin, tip-toe around it and push the envelope of the boundaries. We use the disclaimers that there is forgiveness (yes, there is) and Yah understands (cause we surely don’t). But, Yah’s commandments and statutes are put in place to protect us, and we are to be accountable.

“No punishment is like the self-inflicted kind.” –Ann Landers

The Cause and Effect of Sinning

It has been said, “There is cause and effect in science because there is wrath in the Most High.” Let’s take a look at wrath. The Hebrew word for wrath is eber which actually is the root word for Hebrew. It means boundaries. Wrath is THE CONSISTENT PRINCIPLES OF YAH, and when they are violated, we pay a price.

Take gravity, for instance. It is a consistent principle of the Most High. What goes up, must come down. So, if you throw an object up into the air, it’s going to fall back down to the ground and most likely break. And, if you throw your body off a cliff, it’s going to fall down to the ground and most likely break. Do you get angry at the Most High every time you break that principle (throwing something up, you know you’re not supposed to)? Probably not, because you know the law and you know the consequences. (It’s not like the Most High is singling you out, trying to be mean.)

So you see, the same respect must be given to holy things. When you operate outside of the commandments, you get hurt and you hurt other people. In other words, do not play with holy things and think you will get away with it. The wise understand these things. The prudent know them.

The Sound of a Broken Heart . . . “Echah

In the midst of darkness and terrible circumstances, a bottle of MEDI-SIN can only do so much. One thing it won’t do is save you. It can only numb you,r senses and string you along in your existence. When you hurt so bad and there are no words to describe it . . . this is echah, an expression.

If you should find yourself in this way, I encourage you to read, listen to, study and take to heart the scroll of the poet-prophet Yerme Yahu (Jeremiah). His name means Yah Appoints and he is my most favored prophet in all of scripture.

His scroll of Echah (The Book of Lamentations) is a form of worship, a tehillah, a lamentation, the ‘pouring out of self’. There are three layers to Echah.: There is a history lesson of Yerme Yahu lamenting as he watches a nation turn away from Yah. There is a story of the Hebrews and how the Most High deals with sin in our lives. And, there is a story of salvation. When you are hateful and angry with Yah, here you will find how Yah can save you.

Draw Near to the Most High (And he will draw nigh to you)

Each song of Echah (Lamentations) has a purpose.

Chapter 1. Grasp the Most High’s holiness. Know that he has a standard. He has limits. You can’t negotiate the outcome.
Chapter 2. Recognize the peril. Recognize that you are broken. (Recognize the peril of doing wrong before you do it.)
Chapter 3. Accept the Most High’s intervention. (You can’t operate against Yah’s word and expect his blessings.)
Chapter 4. Trust that Yah will be just beyond the confines of this world and fix what is broken.
Chapter 5. Your only hope is in surrender. There is mercy. There is grace. But, there are consequences to ALL of our actions.

Fold into Abba’s tenderness. Identify the root of your problem and get rid of the sin. It’s difficult to look at our situations and recognize how we attributed to our own down-fall. But it is the necessary thing to do. Just don’t get bogged down with guilt and shame. The Most High is here to lift you up.

I know, this is a heavy subject, hard pill to swallow. I’m going to lighten it up with a bit of humor that shares a painful truth. I don’t know, it really helps me get it, especially when I am tempted to stray from Abba-ni’s shadow. It is my hope it will help you, too. Sometimes laughter has a way of waking us up and allowing us to see the foolishness of our ways.

(And please, I am not here to tell you how to live, that’s between you and the Most High. I’m not here to tell you to chuck all your meds, either. I’m just here to remind you that you deserve the best of all that Yah has for you. Choose well for yourself.)

You Mean You Didn’t Know?

Please Note: This is strictly added for effect. A generalization of consequences. Of course, you can add in your own specifics.

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