The Ghost Of A Dance

(A Letter from a Daughter of The Two Sticks) Dearest Esau, Unto Edom, even unto the acursed of Gehazi: It is not that I hate you, my brother . . . it’s just that I am tired . . . tired of your ways.  The Earth is tired . . . the Heavens are tired... Continue Reading →

Beauty And The Bread

It’s all about turning what’s ordinary into divine:  Taking an everyday, ordinary woman and a plain, ordinary piece of dough, setting them both apart and making them holy.  A set-apart woman has the ability to release holiness into the world each and every Shabbat by making dough. THE BREAD, MY SWEET When a Hebrew woman... Continue Reading →

Dancing The Didache: 1. Giving and Receiving

There are only two paths in life:  There is the Path of Death and there is the Path of Life. You are either dancing in darkness . . . or you’re dancing in the light---the invisible, immeasurable light.  Welcome to the Didache! INTRODUCTION The Didache (Teachings) is the oldest surviving Hebrew non-canonical literature. The complete... Continue Reading →

One Last Cry

One last cry . . . that's what it's going to take to come out of your own, personal Egypt ( . . . bondage).  Whatever it is---that experience, that thing, that person from your past . . . that memory that just keeps gnawing at you, it is interfering with your present and keeping... Continue Reading →

Who Is Your God?

Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine inquired about the God I serve.  He asked, “Is this God really an old white man sitting in the heavens?” (And yes, he was serious.)  I met him with an infallible “No!” and laughed, as he pressed me for more information.  But sadly, I had few... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Fire

What exciting and challenging times we are living in!  The world has been silenced.  "The Machine" has shut down, world markets are unstable, and the economy has stopped cranking, as nations are struggling.  Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, their doors are all closed . . . the outside entertainment world has been slowed to a... Continue Reading →

Kees, Kas, Kose!

We live in a world where everyone seems to be nice---whether you are at work, out shopping, going in and out of stores, eating out at restaurants, or frequenting public functions and events---for the most part, everyone seems nice.  There is a general standard of acceptable behavior, business etiquette, and might I say, an air... Continue Reading →

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